Eastern Exorcist Game Review

Our Rating: 8/10

Eastern Exorcist developed by Wildfire Game, a local studio based in Wuxi near Shanghai, is a stage-clearing 2D platformer. The refreshing play feels and the authentic pure water-ink painting style is the big attractions. Light and smooth action is also characteristic.

Many of the main characters that appear to be defeated are based on classic Chinese books with mythical elements, such as China’s oldest geography book, “The Classic of Mountains and Seas,” which describes youkai and monsters.

Eastern Exorcist is a side-scrolling action RPG set in a fictitious eastern world with the infestation of vicious demon monsters. Play as a skilled exorcist against chaotic evil. Fight your way through the brutal world, and experience unforeseen entanglements of complex beings.

Game Overview

Lu Yunchan is an exorcist who is investigating incidents in a mountain village with his clanmates. During the mission, the group encounters a fox spirit that may be responsible for the region’s problems.

As a leader, the protagonist decides to let the creature go. He does not believe that he is capable of doing harm. Soon after releasing it, the group is ambushed and two of its members end up perished.

Lu Yunchan is found guilty and is expelled from the order of exorcists. He then decides to take the remains of his companions to their hometowns. However, he encounters countless problems in his path. In addition, the chance of revenge against the real responsible for his tragedy to appear.


The exorcist warrior’s journey is explored in a 2D action game through a world filled with supernatural creatures that cause all sorts of problems for people.

The structure is completely linear. In each chapter, the objective is to go to the next area marked on the map. Apart from some optional challenges against bosses, there are no extra missions or elaborate exploration. This is not bad, as the game shows its intentions from an early age and focuses on executing them well.


The focus is combat, and the hero has several tools to face opponents, such as his sword and various spells. The curious thing is that it is not enough to simply defeat the monsters. It is necessary to purify them, otherwise, they will revive even stronger.

The pace is fast and resembles a hack ‘n’ slash, but in fact, the gameplay is more paced. Many of the exorcist’s actions, such as dodging and defending, uses energy. This means being completely vulnerable, so it is important to act with caution.

In addition, some more powerful attack sequences only work if commands are executed at the right time. Bringing aspects of rhythm and observation to combat.

Skill Tree and Spells

Eastern Exorcist also has light aspects of RPG. The essence obtained from defeating monsters or collecting orbs from the scene can be used to increase the hero’s level or to strengthen spells.

Each of the spells has a skill tree with different support and attack effects. Making it possible to instantly switch between four spells during clashes. It is a simple system, but it offers some space for experimentation.

Spells help to bring diversity with their effects. One of them launches energy swords at enemies. Another one casts lightning when dodging, a water projectile allows you to teleport through the arena, an electric shield protects against damage, and so on.

The magic system and its skill tree are a bit confusing, but once understood, it opens up interesting possibilities.

The Good, the Bad, and the Overall Experience

The battles are agile and intense, with many tactical options to face the challenges. At first, it seems to be more of an action title. However, to act in any way means certain death because of the breath system. Therefore, to survive, it is essential to observe the enemy and attack at the right time.

There are several tools that encourage this approach because they do not consume breath. For example, trimming movement or a counterattack after a dodge, but they require technique. If performed at the wrong times, the exorcist is vulnerable. Mastering these systems is important, as the Eastern Exorcist difficulty is intense.

Traditional Chinese Theater

The Eastern Exorcist explores a beautiful world with a Chinese atmosphere. The hand-painted look is beautiful. The tone is dark and surreal with the presence of villages, forests full of fog, a river with debris, caves, and more.

There are also several animated scenes. Clearly inspired by traditional Chinese theater that portrays the character’s story. Some of these parts are striking with violence and bizarre creatures. A simple soundtrack with oriental instruments and Chinese dubbing complements the theme.

Imbalanced Difficulty

Still, several points need to improve. The balance of the difficulty is the main one: some enemies are too powerful, others are irrelevant. At the time of launch, the title was brutally difficult.

Some bosses demanding executed strategies, but fortunately, adjustments have already been made and the challenge is now fairer. The use of breath and the impact of certain more difficult strokes were also changed, improving the pace of play.

Mechanics Adjustment

Some mechanics also need adjustment. The window for executing the counterattack, for example, is still too short, which discourages its use. Many blows from enemies could have a clearer anticipation to allow a more conscious reaction from the player.

Certain types of damage, such as projectiles, do not generate actions on the hero, which causes your character to die several times without knowing the reason. Finally, in some areas, visual clarity is lacking.


Even without an exact plan, the developer continues to release several updates to address player complaints and suggestions. Some points will take time to correct, such as the strange localization for English. However, in the current state, Eastern Exorcist is already a good experience.

Eastern Exorcist is a great action game, even if it’s still in development. It is difficult not to get involved in your agile and full of options combat, and the presence of a breath bar makes you cadenced and strategic. In addition, the setting is unique with a beautiful look and well-explored theme, even though the structure is completely linear.

The title has a high degree of polish. It still needs many adjustments in certain aspects, such as mechanics and difficulty. Eastern Exorcist is recommended for those who enjoy a good challenge. You can get this game on Steam.

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