Our Rating: 5.5/10

Double Pug Switch is a game that is going to drive you crazy. Is that a bad thing? Well, when it is done deliberately, not too much. However, not all developments can be so successful in this regard. In this situation, we find ourselves right now, with a game that aims to be addictive by frustrating the player.

Game Overview

A scientist is experimenting with various seemingly dangerous fluids while her dog is sleeping peacefully on the floor and her cat glares at the fluids. The tragedy is chewed from the first second, and as might be expected, the cat (called Whispers) doesn’t take long to fiddle with everything. Bouncing around creating an interdimensional portal that drags him and Otis, the quiet pooch, into it.

In this new dimension, we will adopt the role of poor Otis. He is forced to save his partner Whispers from the mess he has caused. The problem? The cute kitten is now evil and calls himself Sker.

Otis has also changed in this dimensional change. He obtained the power to alternate between two versions of himself. Two realities overlap and will make elements appear and disappear on the screen to create a path for you. And yes, this is going to mean a real headache. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


The mechanics of Double Pug Switch could not be easier to explain – than to overcome. We have several dozen levels consisting of Otis running nonstop to the right, with only two possible actions, jumping or alternating between the two dimensions. But don’t worry, the game has an initial tutorial where you can only jump, to adapt to the first obstacles in the form of spikes or falls into the voids. So, since our canine protagonist runs alone, we just have to concentrate on jumping when appropriate, it sounds easy.

In the second phase, with no learning curves or hardly any introduction, you will come across the ability to alternate between dimensions. The thing is simple, there are objects on the stage that only belong to one of the two dimensions, so they will become solid or invisible accordingly.

It includes platforms, walls that block the way, and even other interactive elements such as blocks that make you jump higher or influencing effects for our dog. Of course, there are also many other elements that exist in both dimensions, so their state does not vary with the change.

It is difficult to estimate the duration in such a difficult game, as there will be more skilled – and lucky – players who will be able to overcome it in a couple of hours and others who will not even be able to reach half the game in twenty hours.

The Good, the Bad, and the Overall Experience

One of the issues in playing this game is that it runs at a very high speed, and in general many will not have time to react to a certain change in dimension or obstacle. Nothing that trial and error cannot solve, but it is still frustrating that overcoming a mission the first time is nothing short of mission impossible, except for divine inspiration. The most flagrant thing is perhaps the null presentation of new mechanics and interactive objects.

Elements such as blocks that catapult you forward, items that make you dwarf to go through tiny corridors, and other objects that can help -or not- to overcome the levels will be introduced. The levels are chaotic. Not only because of the demanding speed at which the player advances and the short reaction time, but because many times it is not clear what you should do or where you should jump.


And speaking of precision, this is one of the weak points, the uneven precision of the jump. In a game where almost all the gameplay is focused on the jumping, you cannot allow the player to not feel safe with the jump movement.

Maybe it is due to the speed of the screen scroll or anomalous collision detection. Sometimes the jump will not be as precise, increasing the very high pressure and frustration that you will feel.


Graphically, the game fulfills its mission. It is a fairly fluid game. The reappearance after each death is very fast, with a static background that will only change color when you change dimensions. Although, sometimes it blocks the player’s vision of the obstacles. The same happens with super speed where you will not have time to see the obstacles and die countless times.


Double Pug Switch is still a nice game that will break your patience on some levels. Broadly speaking, we can say that it is not an easy game, it will always depend on your ability. But the brevity of its levels makes the experience pleasant. The story is not anything to write home about, but it is appreciated that there is a plot.

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