Foregone – Review

Our Rating: 8/10

Foregone is a 2D action title with agile gameplay and an interesting story. Motivating players to move forward until its end. In today’s analysis, we will know a little more about this great title from the Big Blue Bubble.

Game Overview

An evil called Torment is plaguing Calagan. Turning living beings into diabolical creatures that only wish to destroy. As a powerful warrior, known as the Peacemaker, you must open the kingdom to the source of evil to end this calamity.

Throughout the story, you will learn more about the mythology of the game and that the Peacemaker is directly involved. The evil that is devastating life in Calagan and the creation of terrible creatures, called Projects. Leading you to a surprising and somewhat predictable ending when we reach much of the adventure.

The Peacemaker has several weapons at its disposal. Fighting enemies that cross its path to reach the desolate city of Calagan. Once and for all, resolving the dire situation caused by the Torment and allowing the heroine to have her redemption.


The explorable areas of the map are divided into several regions that do not differ as much as the structure. Platform gameplay is well explored throughout the game. Differing only in a visual way, the vast majority of areas have an almost equal structure.

Switches used to unlock doors or enemies that must be defeated to allow access to the following rooms. This allows Pacadora to progress through the game. Several secret areas also make up these areas. Adding an element of exploration that rewards the player with items of greater rarity.

Bosses and Special Skills

Defeating the game’s main bosses adds new movement skills for the protagonist. By doing so, you open some previously inaccessible areas to be reached. This encourages the player to want to return to the previous areas of the game to explore a little more. Obtaining more techniques and rare items along the way.

Special skills gained during the game provide a third approach option. Explosions that damage all enemies on the screen, concentrated rays of energy to decimate those in front of you, and furious attacks. As well as other abilities capable of increasing the warrior’s attributes. This includes attack speed or deflecting shields for blows and projectiles.

Teleportation Points

When you explore the different areas of the map, you will find teleportation points. By using them, you will return to an area at the beginning of the game. An outpost to make improvements in equipment and improvements in warrior skills.

Upon dying, the Peacemaker leaves an amphora with all its coins and improvement points. Items and skills already equipped and objectives are not affected. Thus, dying does not become as painful as it could be.

The player only needs to go back to where he died to recover the amphora and continue his adventure. Even the unlocked doors are still open. The real damage is with the time lost to redo a certain route again.


Defeating enemies rewards the player with equipment, gold coins, skill enhancement points, and health recovery points. The equipment is classified by rarity. This determines the number of improvements that can be made in the outpost.

  • Thaumaturga
    • a lady who allows us to allocate points to improve the passive skills of the Pacifier
    • make improvements to the techniques we obtained during the game using the points received from defeated enemies;
  • Blacksmith
    • a man who allows us to make improvements to our weapons and equipment at the cost of gold coins
    • converts unwanted items into more coins;
  • Boatman
    • when dying, the amphora is left in the place where we were shot, containing all the money and points collected, it can be obtained immediately, but with only half of its content
    • You can talk to the boatman for this or ignore him and go to the place of death to recover his full content.

Character Evolution

As the player progresses in the game, the evolution of the main character is noticeable. After finishing for the first time, it is possible to run the second race in New Game + mode. The player resumes the adventure keeping his equipment from the previous game and with a slight increase in the difficulty of enemies, especially the bosses, who also come back to life in case you are defeated.

The Good, the Bad, and Overall Experience

One of Foregone’s main highlights is its fluid gameplay. Moving around the different scenarios of the game is a delightful task. The beauty and precision of the movements that can be performed with the Pacifier are great. Combat follows this beauty with very lively and precise movements. Providing constant moments of action on the screen.

The pacifier’s arsenal consists basically of a melee attack weapon and a ranged attack weapon. Ammunition is automatically reloaded when carrying out body attacks.

Skill Tree

One of the interesting points that Foregone provides is the malleability of the Pacificadora’s skill tree. Other games of the genre usually do not allow you to reverse an improvement made by the player.

In Foregone, it is possible to revert your entire skill tree in exchange for some gold coins. This gives the player the freedom to adjust the warrior’s skills during the adventure, adapting it to the style that suits them best.

Despite not innovating in much, the gameplay and the freedom provided to build the protagonist’s skills are two extremely relevant points. Players who like to collect better and better equipment and seek a moderate level of challenge will be very well served here.


Foregone is undeniably one of the best indies of 2020. Although the game does not reinvent the wheel, it delivers all-around systems with extremely addictive gameplay. And even though it doesn’t have that spectacular appeal or that addictive quality of other games, some of the gameplay might end up surprising you.

If you like action RPG, it’s worth checking out. You’ll come across a solid adventure, with incredible art that seems to have traveled in time. Despite being a short game, it is well worth the investment if you are looking for something new to play amid so many AAA’s that have been disappointing recently.

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