Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – REVIEW

Our Rating: 8/10

Black Ops Cold War takes us back to the Cold War period. From the streets of East Berlin to the jungles of Vietnam. There will be many points that will serve as a context. Positioning us amid conflicts that were almost all resolved behind the scenes, and without any official links to the respective governments.


With a new elite team composed of handpicked elements, you will play several protagonists. This includes a new dark agent at the service of the CIA, codenamed “Bell”. Early on, the team discovers that Perseus has infiltrated a top-secret North American project. Placing atomic bombs in European cities, as a counter-attack to a possible Soviet threat. The danger of theft or worse, detonating a nuclear bomb.

The story of Black Ops Cold War takes us to various types of missions at various points in the world. As the story picks up on espionage elements, you will have missions, infiltration, and information gathering. The aim is to gather details and evidence for three important missions, one of which is the ultimate. And know that there are two distinct endings to this plot. The ending of the game depends on your decision and choices.


The latest title in the franchise brings an interesting novelty, which consists of creating your character. In addition, it is also possible to choose whether it will be female or male. More significantly, you can also choose your psychological profile which will affect your gameplay through perks. For example, if you decide that Bell has more violent tendencies, the bonus will influence the damage inflicted on enemies. However, if you choose the trait of “survivor”, you will have more hit points.

Black Ops Cold War is built on three different pillars (four if we count Warzone). The CampaignMultiplayer mode, and the now-classic Zombies mode that has usually accompanied Black Ops deliveries for a few years now.

More arcade experience

There is an attempt to innovate and offer an alternative to what we were used to previously. Stealth elements have been introduced. Now, you have a detection system and the possibility of breaking locks. Picking up bodies and hiding them to avoid being discovered, is a new addition. This type of approach is only possible in some missions. Even if the story loses some of that frantic and very characteristic rhythm in COD, it is quite useful to add some credibility to the espionage framework in which the game is inserted.

The game, in many aspects, is more continuous concerning classic games of the saga. Offering us a much more arcade experience than Modern Warfare. This multiplayer seems to be designed to please the most purists for good and bad.

There are no major changes to multiplayer modes. Treyarch chose to focus on what players were already familiar with and try to improve the experience as much as possible.


  • Free-for-All, Team Deathmatch, VIP Escort, Search & Destroy
  • Kill Confirmed, Combined Arms, Hardpoint, Control
  • The new Fireteam – 40-player mode, divided into small teams of 4, and based on objectives
  • The already-required Zombie Mode is also back, and it may be the best version yet

In Zombie Mode (for up to three players), you will be confronted with endless waves of undead. You will only be able to survive by working together as a team. The setting is an old WWII bunker that has been abandoned. You’ll have to look into the source of the tragic zombie apocalypse. Adrenaline is constant, and it’s a fantastic cooperative way to have hours of fun with your friends.

Furthermore, the new installment retains the Modern Warfare weaponry progression system. This allows you to gradually unlock new weapons and access various pieces to customize and adapt them to your preferences. When it comes to multiplayer, there was a clear desire to go back to the origins and ideas of the first two games. Unfortunately, it was only released with 8 maps and 27 weapons. While more content is anticipated shortly, given the importance of multiplayer in the series, it is still a bit limited.


The gameplay is fantastic, and it lives up to the game’s illustrious history. There is still a clear need to raise the rank so that more weapons can be unlocked. They can expect some grinding in that regard, given the advantage enjoyed by other more advanced players.

There is still a need for some balance. Certain weapons are still being abused. Nothing, however, that would be a hindrance to having a good time. The cadence is always high and you hardly have time to breathe. It has the power to stir up your emotions in a truly unique way, filling your ego with each kill.

Despite a few tweaks here and there, Black Ops Cold War is a fairly predictable campaign. It demonstrates how Call of Duty is gradually losing its surprise factor and fireworks that no longer overwhelming. Yes, there are some interesting plot moments in the final section, but they could have been used better both at the narrative and playable levels.

Side Quests and Decisions

The side quests (Operation Chaos and Red Circus) stand out because they require the player to use logic to solve the problem. The problem is generated randomly by the game. There is no way to look up the answer on the Internet or consult a friend. To find the right clues and successfully close the cases, you must solve the puzzles.

The ability to make different choices that will affect your journey is one of the game’s most appealing features. Certain characters may or may not survive the game. Missions may also differ depending on your choices. This significantly adds to the replay value by allowing you to repeat some phrases and make different decisions.

All of this adds to the campaign’s appeal, as there are multiple paths to take and consequences to consider. The game’s script is excellent. It contains events that leave the player stunned and eagerly anticipating the next mission.

Character development was also excellent. Adler is a mysterious character, but the player manages to win his affection. Mason and Woods have their own unique personalities. The first being more suspicious of things and the second being that guy who is stressed about everything. This plot definitely leads to some very amusing moments.

DualSense and Online Experience

One of the games that makes use of the DualSense controller is this one. If you know how to use it wisely, it can be a game-changer. Not only does it use fantastic personalized vibration and a built-in speaker for immersive sound effects, but adaptive triggers vary in tension and reaction depending on the weapon.

Online, there were noticeable lag issues, which is almost a Treyarch game tradition. The production even appears to have taken into account player feedback. Reducing (but not eliminating) the problems with damage detection and synchronism failures. Many players that are playing on PS4 and PS5 often have to wait to load the game. 

Game Modes and Aesthetics

Graphically, the game is incredible, providing the most realistic visual experience in the Call of Duty franchise. Textures, lights, and reflections provide delectable details that can continually surprise players. All of the regions have been meticulously recreated. Even the symbolic Berlin Wall (still standing) can be visited during a spectacular mission. That will go down in history as one of the most memorable moments in the franchise.

Going through the various scenarios in Campaign Mode or the Multiplayer maps is incredible, as everything is packed with details and appears to be realistic, giving you the feeling of actually being there and in that war. If you’re playing on a next-generation console, everything will be even more surprising, as the shadows and finishes are even more stunning.


The soundtrack is more subdued than in previous years. Yet, it consistently delivers in times of stealth and action, changing depending on the situation. Several times throughout the campaign, you can hear songs that have a retro feel to them. This truly transports you to that era.

The songs do not disappoint as well. They are very effective in giving players a sense of something bigger is about to come. On the other hand, the sound effects (particularly the sounds of weapons and explosions), are incredible. It’s difficult not to become agitated when chaos ensues.


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a fantastic first-person shooter. It’s entertaining, enjoyable, and addictive. It is, however, a step back from what Modern Warfare 2 had to offer. Regardless, it’s another fantastic game in the series and a worthy successor to the Black Ops series. Treyarch aimed for a more realistic gaming experience while keeping the elements that made a COD shooter a classic.

Overall, it’s a fantastic addition to the franchise. The campaign was well-written, with several breathtaking moments and twists and turns. Its multiplayer is also a lot of fun, with fantastic maps and courteous players. Zombies is still a fantastic game, and slaying the undead is more enjoyable than ever. Of course, the game has flaws, but it will still provide hours of entertainment with plenty of action and adrenaline.

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