Genshin Impact : Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei Quest Guide

Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei is a special Lantern Rite for players to complete during the Lantern Rite event in Genshin Impact. This side quest asks players to meet up with Iron Ingot and take some photos for him. Use our Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei guide below to help guide you in completing this mission.

Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei’s Mission Mechanics

Once you start Rite of the Lantern, head to the Statue of the Seventh – GEO located between Lingju Pass and Dunyu Ruins. Here you will find Iron Ingot. Talk to this NPC to start the first of the two mission objectives. Both objectives require going to a place and taking a photo. You will take two photos in total. You must then bring Iron Ingot one of two possible dishes. Once this is complete, you will meet Ziwei, Iron Ingots crusher. This will end the mission.

Find the first suitable viewing location and take a photo

The first location is on the northwest side of Liyue Harbor. Here you will find a glowing spot on the bridge. To take a photo when prompted, use the game’s photo feature. This photography function can be accessed from the home menu where the camera icon is. This will complete the first place to take pictures.

 Find the second suitable viewing location and take a photo

After you’ve taken a photo at the first appropriate viewpoint, you’ll be given the location of the second one. This location is north of Liyue Harbor, on a cliff. You’ll notice another glowing spot when you arrive at this location. Take a picture while standing in the glowing area. This will bring your goal to a close.

 Return to the Iron Ingot and Gift Grilled Tiger Fish or Almond Tofu

Once you’ve taken both photos, head back to Iron Ingot and talk to him. During this conversation, you will have the option to choose between two dishes of food: almond tofu or grilled tiger fish. Choose the one you want to give Iron Lingot as a gift. This will activate the next step which is to secure that food for him. Both dishes can be purchased at the port of Liyue:

Grilled tigerfish: It can be purchased from a street vendor next to the Dongsheng shop in Liyue port for 380 Mora.

Almond Tofu: Obtain the recipe by researching the kitchen at Wangshu Inn. Cook the milk, sugar, and almonds to make the dish. Milk and almonds can be purchased at Liyue General Store and sugar can be processed at Sweet Flowers. Ingredients combined in the cooking station.

Once you have obtained the plate you selected for Iron Lingot, return with it. Give Iron Lingot the plate you chose. After giving him the plate, Iron Lingot will ask him to meet his crush, Ziwei.

Ziwei is close, so head towards her. When you talk to her, you will cause an interaction between you, Ziwei, and Iron Ingot. During this interaction, Iron Lingot asks the astronomer to go to the Lantern Festival. After this interaction concludes, you will complete the mission. Primogems, Festive Fever and Mora will be given to you as a reward for your efforts.

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