Valheim Starter Guide: Tips and Tricks For Beginners

It’s easy to see why the most recent survival and crafting game VALHEIM, is taking over the internet. In this dark world influenced by Nordic mythology, there are various activities that can be played both solo or co-op. New players, on the other hand, may find it difficult to determine what they require right away. Here are a few pointers for you.


You may not have any tools when you start but don’t worry. You can easily put together items to get started. Drilling, for example, is a simple task.

Punching is useful not only against the small enemies you’ll encounter early on but also against trees. Find small thin trees and throw a party for them. They will fall down soon, and you can use the wood to make a club.

Keep your eyes peeled for any branches that may have fallen to the ground. You’ll find trees and branches that have already been broken. These can be used as firewood without having to hit or cut anything. You should be cautious because falling trees can kill you, but you can use a falling tree to cut down other trees if you’re clever.

Observe how a tree falls to see how it falls in the right direction; causing it to fall in the right direction will cause other trees to fall in a domino effect. This method of tree harvesting is far more efficient.


While it’s best to stick close to your starting point once you’ve got good gear, it’s also worth looking for water as soon as possible. You can find Flint near the water’s edge or along the coast. Simply keep an eye out on the floor for small, smooth whitish stones and catch them as soon as possible.

A flint hammer (used for chopping down larger trees) and other useful objects like arrows are also made from this material.


In Valheim, wild boars are a good source of food, but they can also be a real pain. Punching them will kill them, but it will take a few blows. Although arms are more effective, we discovered that swinging a burning torch at them is especially effective because they despise it.

On the other hand, you can domesticate those terrifying wild boars. If you can get them to chase you into a pen or something you made and then close them in, you can feed them treats and win their affection. Feed them mushrooms to accomplish this.

If you need simple leather scraps, domesticated boars can provide them.


When you’re exploring the Valheim map, you’ll come across old, abandoned, and unoccupied shacks. Its components can be destroyed and collected, or they can be used to build a temporary shelter.

After making a hammer, simply press the center of the mouse button while holding the hammer to gradually lower it. Even if you don’t intend to deconstruct these structures and instead use them as a shelter, look inside for treasure chests containing useful items.


Valheim, like any survival game, has weapons and tools that degrade over time and use. You can fix your equipment once you have a workstation. You will see which options you create and update by opening the counter menu. To your left, you’ll also find a hammer. When you click it, you’ll be able to go through your inventory and repair various items. The best part is that it is entirely free of charge.


Unlike other survival games, you can’t just eat a lot of the same food and get better. In Valheim, you can only eat a certain amount of each type before they become useless. If you have a collection of raspberries, for example, you will only be able to consume a few before becoming unable to consume any more. You can, however, use cooked meat if you have it on hand. As a result, stocking your pantry with a variety of foods is a good idea.

When you first start hunting and looking for food, you will want to plant seeds and grow your own food. To do so, you’ll need a foundry. Other things are made in the foundry, but it is difficult to construct. You’ll need 20 stones and five sutling cores for this.

The stone is simple to locate, but the cores are more difficult to locate because they can only be found in the dangerous Black Forest. When you’re in the woods, keep an eye out for underground tunnels. There, you must first locate what you’re looking for before constructing a foundry on the bench.

You can make a cultivator by smelting bronze from a combination of copper and tin. This tool is similar to a hammer in that it has a similar construction logic, but it allows you to cultivate and make the land cultivable. Then you can plant seeds in that area and reap the benefits of your labor.


If you go into battle, you’ll also have to deal with resistance. You can’t find a group of enemies alone and at home if you want to survive, because your resistance will run out of energy and you’ll die soon.

The importance of stamina cannot be overstated in Valheim. To run, swim, and fight, you use resistance. So, if you spend all of your time running around the map, you’ll quickly find yourself in a situation where you can’t defend yourself. If your resistance is low, you will drown if you swim for an extended period of time. When we swim too far in search of flint and rocks, we die like this. Keep an eye on your resistance bar.


Many items in Valheim are easily made in the beginning, but you’ll need a pickaxe to remove some materials. You’ll still need to beat the first boss in order to acquire a pickaxe. After beating Eikthyr, you will be given a project for the Antler pickaxe. You will then use this to obtain stone and ore.

You’ll need to dig deeper to find copper and tin once you’ve got the pick. Copper is found in the Black Forest’s woods, while tin is found along the coast in black-striped stones.

Iron can be more difficult to come by. You can find it in the Swamp biome’s Sunken Crypts. As veins in the Snowy Mountains or on the Swamp’s floor.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make your own fishing rod. To get one, you’ll need to locate a trader. In the Black Forest, merchants appear at random. However, due to the procedural nature of the game, we are unable to determine where. It’s important to note that the forest is dangerous, so don’t go there right away. A fishing rod is an outstanding investment.

The bow is a vital piece of combat and hunting gear. Figure it out as soon as possible. This task will include a workbench, ten pieces of wood, and eight scraps of leather.  Make sure that you kill a large number of wild boar and cut down a large number of trees.

With the bow, you can engage in ranged combat as well as hunt deer.


Using vertical poles to build the foundations of your own home or permanent structure is a good trick. At this point, it is impossible to construct a flat building surface. The small vertical posts, on the other hand, can be used to build a small foundation. This will precisely lift your home off the ground.

Make a structure with walls, a door, and a roof. Then construct a bed.
It’s important to understand that not sleeping is completely normal. At night, enemies do not appear to be more aggressive.

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