Valheim: What is it and Why is it Taking Over The World?

VALHEIM is an early access indie survival game inspired by Viking culture. It is an open-world survival and creation game with one player and cooperative PvE (player vs. environment) mechanics. It also has a punitive combat system. Boss battles and an elegant building system even allows you to build imposing Viking warships.

That sounds pretty normal for survival games out there. But Valheim is interesting for several reasons, including the huge procedural world you’re free to explore. There is also the ability to play with a group of up to 10 people.

Keep in mind that the minimum system requirements include only 4 GB of RAM, a GeForce GTX 500 GPU, and 1 GB of storage space.

A different experience for everyone

You are launched into a huge procedural-generated world that is inspired by Norse mythology and is essentially Viking purgatory. Your mission is to find and kill Odin’s enemies and bring order to the kingdom of Velheim. To do this, you will need to explore, build, upgrade and battle in a challenging and danger-filled environment.

The highlight here is, of course, the experience of two players will never be the same. Unless you are playing with friends. However, the more you travel the world, the more challenging the environment becomes. At the same time, the rewards are better the further you progress.

Once you’ve gathered enough resources, you’ll be able to construct a Viking ship to cross the seas and explore further. Just be careful of the various sea creatures that hide under the surface. You can also build forts and outposts while traveling, as well as portals for quick trips to make things easier.

A friendly crow

Valheim is appealing not only because of the potential for enjoyable gameplay. It is also because of the low-fidelity soundtrack and the subtle but pleasing visuals. This game isn’t particularly graphically demanding, and it won’t harm your video card, but that isn’t the point.

Survival games are often punitive. That’s part of the fun, and part of the beast’s nature. Valheim, on the other hand, works well because it makes it simple for players to enter the world with an accessible design that includes simple tutorials. It also teaches the basics of the game, including farming, breeding, combat, and more. A crow flies to give you a nugget of information or a useful tip about what you need to know.

You will also find runestones from around the world that you read for other tips. You’ll be warned about the dangers of wild boars and how to scare them away with fire, for example. This is useful information to have before you find yourself being killed by them several times while punching trees, for example.

The good news is that when you die, your equipment falls with a beautiful tombstone and when you reappear, you can simply return to it (assuming the danger is over) and collect it.

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