How To Get The Wolf Cape – Valheim Guide

If you’ve been following Valheim, you must know what a storm that game has been causing all over the world. And even if you haven’t, you must have heard the name by now. Valheim is an open-world sandbox survival game set in a Viking world, where players are free to roam, plunder, build and hunt. From building settlements to razing them to the ground, you can do pretty much anything you want to in the game. And today we’re going to tell you how to get one of the highly coveted items available in the game right now – The Wolf Fur Cape.

Where and how to Get The Wolf Fur Cape

Valheim offers a whole variety of capes, but out of all of them, the Wolf Fur Cape is probably the one that comes the closest to resembling actual Viking armour. It is a part of the Wolf Armour set, which doesn’t only offer defense, but can also keep you protected in the game’s cold mountain biome. It is highly advised to have the Wolf Armour equipped if you want to explore the mountains, lest you fall prey to the weather.

In order to craft the Wolf Fur Cape, you need to have the following equipment and items in your possession:

  • Workbench
  • 6 x Wolf Pelt
  • 4 x Silver
  • 1 x Wolf Trophy

Wolf pelt can be easily acquired by killing and harvesting wolves in the mountain biome. You can find Silver pretty easily there as well, discovering it using the Wishbone that is found as a drop after defeating the biomass. Trophies can also be harvested from wolves, each wolf killed will give you one Wolf Trophy. With these resources, you can craft the Wolf Armour.

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