The Best Armor Sets in VALHEIM

The best Valheim armor will greatly assist you in combating the dangerous enemies you will face. Knowing your Valheim armor levels will help you plan ahead of time and target the key rafting materials you’ll need to make the armor you’ll need. You won’t have to wear your beginner rags for much longer.

Leg armor, chest armor, helmet, and cape are the four love pieces that can be worn at the same time. The majority of Valheim armor is part of a larger set of three to four pieces. Simply select the armor sets or individual pieces that best suit your needs, gather your resources, and prepare to battle your way through Valheim!


The Troll Armor set is the best light armor set that you can wear in Valheim. Its base armor provides adequate protection for the Meadows and Black Forest biomes, and it has no movement penalties.

However, the biggest advantage of the Troll Armor set is the escape bonus. This bonus is very useful for gathering resources in dangerous biomes or dealing with damage from the back.

Troll Armor Complete Set Stats:

  • 19 armor
  • + 25% stealth (if you use all four pieces)

As you may have guessed, you need to hunt Trolls to get Troll Armor. If you have a decent bow, you might be able to get this armor set before even defeating Valheim’s first boss. You can find the Trolls walking through the Black Forest biome or inside the Trolls caves. They are not as common as gray dwarfs, but they are fairly easy to spot thanks to their size. For the bone fragments, you’ll also need some skeletons.


  • 25 troll hides
  • 13 bone fragments


The Bronze Armor set isn’t particularly impressive. However, it offers better protection than the Troll Armor set and is relatively easy to do once you defeat the first boss.

Bronze Armor Complete Set Stats:

  • 24 armor
  • -10% movement speed
  • No cape

After defeating Eikthyr, you can immediately begin wearing this armor set. Don’t worry if you can’t find the recipe right away; it won’t appear until you’ve made bronze. To make 1 piece of bronze, you’ll need 2 pieces of copper and 1 piece of tin.

Copper and tin are easy to come by; simply walk through the Black Forest until you come across one of the large chunks of copper ore. Tin ore can be found in the same biome, but it comes in smaller chunks and is usually near water. To process the raw resources, you’ll need a foundry.


  • 15 bronze (30 copper and 15 tin)
  • 6 deer hide


After defeating Valheim’s third boss, Bonemass, it’s time to create a new armor set: Iron Armor. This armor is very similar to the bronze armor set but stronger.

Iron Armor Complete Set Stats:

  • 42 armor
  • -10% movement speed
  • No cape

Recipes for the Iron Armor Set are automatically unlocked when crafting iron for the first time. You only need scrap metal and a foundry. The scrap is found in “Muddy Waste Piles” within the Sunken Crypts in the Swamp biome. You can access these crypts using the Swamp Key, which is dropped by Valheim’s second boss, The Elder.

For those who are a little further in the game; Iron isn’t that hard to find in the wild if you have a Wishbone, which drops Valheim’s third boss (Bonemass). This Wishbone will notify you when near buried muddy scrap piles.


  • Iron 60
  • 6 deer hide


The Wolf Armor set is without a doubt one of the most attractive armor in Valheim. It’s also one of the most useful, allowing you to stay in the Snow Mountain Biome without taking frost damage.

At first glance, wolf armor may appear weaker than iron armor. However, note that base armor 41 does not have a helmet. When wearing the full armor set plus a separate helmet, the wolf armor set is slightly stronger.

Wolf Armor Complete Set Stats:

  • 41 armor
  • Frost resistant
  • -20% movement speed
  • No helmet

Crafting the wolf armor is going to require a lot of wolves and silver. Since both are only found in the mountain biome, you need to get some frost-resistant mead first. This will protect you from the cold for 10 minutes, so it is better to carry more than one.

The chain is the only resource that can be found in the swamp biome. The blue ghost-like creatures known as Wraiths drops them.


  • 44 silver
  • 16 wolf pelts
  • 4 fangs
  • 1 chain
  • 1 wolf trophy


The wolf armor may look great, but it is missing one important thing: the helmet. The Drake Helmet is the perfect head accessory to match the ensemble. It is the second-best helmet in the game, second only to the padded helmet.

Drake Helmet’s Base Armor Stat:

  • 20 armor
  • Not part of a set

To get the Drake Helmet, go to the Mountain biome again and start hunting Drake. They are flying creatures so be sure to carry a ranged weapon. The Abyssal Harpoon will be a great help if you want to prevent them from flying away.


  • 2 Drake trophies
  • 20 silver
  • 2 wolf pelts


The name might not sound all that impressive, but Padded Armor is by far the strongest set of armor in Valheim. Also, it doesn’t have any high movement penalties.

Padded Armor Complete Set Stats:

  • 78 armor
  • -10% movement speed
  • No cape

The recipes for the Padded Armor set are surprisingly simple. You can obtain iron as described in the iron armor set, by exploring the sunken crypts or by using the Wishbone. Then comes the hard part: the bedding.

You first need a Spinning Wheel, which is obtained by defeating Valheim’s fourth boss, Moder. Then collect flax from the plains biome and you can create flax thread.


  • 30 Iron
  • 55 linen thread


This piece of armor is not used for protection but stands out for its usefulness. The Dverger Circlet lights up the area in front of you, which is perfect for exploring and night dungeons.

You can buy it from Haldor the Merchant (a blue-skinned dwarf with a red beard) for 620 gold. Haldor only appears in the Black Forest biome.

So what is the best Valheim armor?

The best armor in the game is hands down the Padded Armor. Although at a certain point in the game it is better to wear the Wolf Armor to be able to face the weather and cold in the mountain biomes, 78 armor is an incredible defense and you will undoubtedly make it difficult for your enemies to take you down.

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