Alien Life Simulator – Review

Our Rating: 6.5/10

With their first title, Alien Life Simulator, J6 Games is back to revive your alien conspiracy theories. The game is now on Steam Early Access for $24.99.


Alien Life Simulator is a brand new rogue-lite action-adventure game that gives the survival sim genre a new lease on life. It is Justin Bruystens and Bjrn Hensvold’s first game for J6 Games, and it puts you in control of a randomly generated alien life form fighting for survival in a hostile galaxy.


What is life if it isn’t full of emotions? The emotions that your alien goes through will affect how you play. With Alien Life Simulator’s all-new “Emotional System,” other aliens will react accordingly. Your emotions can provide useful benefits, but they can also stymie your progress by inflicting debuffs that alter how you experience life in the far reaches of space. Discover the ruins of a highly advanced alien civilization. In a fast-paced adventure through the stars, fight for your life against hostile lifeforms.


You will explore alien worlds and technology with your randomly generated alien. Discover advanced weapons and tablets with coordinates to other worlds that have been left behind. There are a plethora of secrets to uncover, portals to explore, and deadly aliens to combat.

Explore hostile procedurally generated environments in this game. Learn about the ancient secrets that have been left behind in each alien world you visit.

Notable Game Features Include:

  • Interaction with AI-controlled aliens whose personalities alter their jobs, emotional addictions, and how they react to players at random.
  • A dynamic relationship system between AI and player-controlled characters.
  • A rather unique “emotion system,” in which the player’s characters gain buffs or debuffs based on their emotional/physical state.

The Good, The Bad and Overall Experience

Alien Life Simulator is an ambitious new game from an indie developer who pulled out all the stops. The movement is extremely smooth, as is the run-and-gun style of killing enemies. This game transports you to a new planet as an alien. The platforming puzzle scattered throughout the maps is also a huge plus.

Given that it’s still unpolished, the Steam Early Access price seems a little high. The game comes with a lack of information to guide players. Although I adore the color scheme, I find the world to be a little too empty for my liking.

Overall, it’s a quirky and enjoyable indie game. It’s easy to see a big roguelike adventure game growing out of this solid foundation. It would be interesting to see the updates.

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