Moving Out: Movers in Paradise DLC – Review

Our Rating: 7/10

Many people praised DEVM Games and SMG Studio, as well as publisher Team17 Digital LTD, for their work on Moving Out. You play as a team of house movers in this crazy solo and couch co-op title. You must lift boxes and items of various sizes and shapes to get them to the removal van as quickly and safely as possible. Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned, and you must overcome numerous obstacles to succeed and win each gold medal. The latest DLC for this fantastic game is what we’re looking at today. Moving Out: Movers in Paradise was created by the same team that created the original, so you can expect it to meet the same high standards.


What happens now that we’ve moved all of our belongings from one house to another and spent all of our time in a city setting? Work hard, play hard, so our hardworking team is taking a vacation to a tropical island. It’s time for them to take a break after moving all of the furniture in this beautiful archipelago. The setting has changed, the mechanics have changed, but the gameplay remains the same.


Moving Out: Movers in Paradise adds another layer of high-quality gaming to the game’s already-impressive foundations. There are 23 new levels to play, 4 new movers to use, and 1 buried treasure to find. After all, it wouldn’t be a desert island if there wasn’t any treasure to be discovered. Packmore Island provides a fantastic backdrop for the chaos that ensues; you will undoubtedly laugh, cry, and scream at loved ones as you desperately try to move suitcases, gold trunks, and other valuables.

This family-friendly game is fun to play with players of all ages, but be prepared to lose your cool as your carefully laid plans are thwarted by the kids’ inability to follow instructions. Then there are the new mechanics, such as moving platforms, ladders that create new paths, and crabs. This new feature is more difficult than the base game.

New Mechanics

In theory, the moving platforms are simple to navigate, but when multiple people are attempting to jump them while holding furniture, agility and dexterity are required. You’ll need patience, excellent communication skills, and a lot of luck.

The ladders, like the moving platforms, should be simple to use, but if you misplace them, they will fall into the chasms they span, and you will follow them down into the depths, where you will die prematurely. “Well, then, place it correctly!” you might think. That’s easier said than done when time is ticking away and your team is screaming at you to move faster.

Crabs, those obnoxious crustaceans with pincers! They obstruct your path, move the items you seek, and kindly unload your van for you. If it’s not your kids you want to scream at while playing this, it’ll be the crabs.

These new mechanics increase the difficulty level. It was a nice touch by the developers to make the game more difficult. I don’t like it when DLC comes out with very little content and very little game time. Fortunately, Movers In Paradise has a long list of achievements that will test even the most experienced players.


The developers’ visual approach has remained largely unchanged. If something isn’t broken, don’t fix it. The vibrant colors and brilliant cartoon style complement the tropical setting perfectly. Even when the action was hectic, the new character models looked great, and there were no performance issues. The use of warm colors made this add-on stand out from the original city’s use of cool tones.

Moving Out featured game show music, but Movers In Paradise has moved away from that. You’re now being treated to a delightful Caribbean-themed soundtrack that is both relaxing and enjoyable and will make you smile. It was odd that you were running around like a headless chicken while this laid-back style.

A simple tutorial greets you as you embark on your journey to Packmore Island. This follows the same steps as before, but it provides a quick overview of the new mechanics. The crabs, on the other hand, are a nasty surprise that arrives later. 6-year-olds can play it, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be much help in your moving crew. Playing this game with your kids may result in a lot of smashed controllers, so keep that in mind.

You’ll be able to play through 23 new levels of madness and fun if you keep all of your peripherals intact. Because all of these stages use a timed scoring system, obtaining all of the gold medals will take a long time and a high level of skill. Add to that the full 1000 Gamerscore achievement list, and you have a lot of reasons to return to play. At $7.49, it proves to be great value for money and a worthy addition to your couch co-op gaming library.

Although the concept hasn’t changed much, the addition of three key game mechanics makes it worthwhile to play. If you enjoy Moving Out, this will not disappoint you. Grab your passport, board the boat, and assist the Packmore Island residents with their relocation.

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