Valheim: How To Make The Best Roof Support

Valheim is one of the latest games to hit the Internet. Players are flocking to the Iron Gate Viking RPG. The game, which is still in Early Access on Steam, allows players to live out their Viking fantasies. This includes fighting a variety of mythical creatures, exploring a variety of exciting biomes, and crafting tons of items. Players have the opportunity to build their bases. The construction mechanics are quite deep and allow players to build walls, ceilings, and a variety of rooms, all of which need support.

However, one of the problems that people encounter with foundation construction is a problem with roof support. If it is built too tall with small support structures, about five or six pieces, the roof will collapse. Fortunately, it can be solved. These are the best ways to mitigate those problems.

Spot the Problem

The easiest way to tell if your roof is going to collapse is by the color of the tile If the tile is green, it’s fine; if it’s yellow or orange, it’s nearing its limit; and if it’s red, the roof will be unstable. This usually happens around five or six tiles.

What to Avoid

One way that players are failing when building roofs is how to structure the roof. Unfortunately, what may seem like a logical way to do it doesn’t necessarily work.

This is particularly true with support beams. If you were to try to pass a beam from one part of a roof to another, in theory, this could support it. This, however, is not the case in Valheim.

How to Ensure Your Roof

While building a beam through the ceiling may not work, building support from floor to ceiling does and this is the way to go.

The best item for this? Four-meter log posts. They can be crafted in-game from Core Wood, which in turn can be received by felling pine trees. After making the four-meter poles, place them under your roof, and voila, you have a perfectly supported roof. These poles can even be placed on top of each other to make a super tall building!


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