Valheim Weapon Tier List: How To Craft Best Weapons

Valheim, as an action-packed open-world survival game with danger lurking around every corner, provides an abundance of weapons and other tools to aid players in their survival. Despite being a survival game in which players rely on improvised items, Valheim has a few weapons that are rather exotic in nature – whether because of their uses, appearance, or backstory.

Here’s a compilation Tier List that highlights some of Valheim’s most powerful weapons.



In Valheim, nearly all S-tier weapons are one-of-a-kind. They aren’t just stronger metal-based versions of existing weapons. Chitin, Ymir’s Flesh, Linen, and Silver are among the rarest materials in the game. Finding the Merchant is required for Ymir’s Flesh while staying warm enough to mine in the Mountain biome is required for Silver.


Frostner is the weapon to use if you want to stomp your way across Valheim in true Nordic style. This mace (which resembles a hammer) inflicts Blunt, Frost, and Spirit damage, with a base damage of 95. However, it is the frost damage that distinguishes it from other items. Frost damage does more than just hurt enemies; it also slows them down. This ability is unparalleled in a game with challenging combat. Frostner, on the other hand, appears to be the most expensive weapon you can make, requiring Ymir Flesh, Freeze Glands, and a lot of Silver.

  • Crafting Recipe:
    Silver x 30
    Ymir Flesh x 5
    Ancient Bark x 10
    Freeze Gland x 5


With a hint of pointy danger, the Porcupine combines the best of one-handed blunt weapons. This bludgeon deals 50 blunt damage and 45 pierce damage thanks to its signature spikes. By these numbers, the Porcupine outperforms nearly every other weapon in the game. The best part is that it isn’t too expensive to make: the most expensive ingredient is Linen Thread, which is made from Flax found in Fuling Camps across the Plains.

  • Crafting Recipe:
    Iron x 20
    Linen Thread x 10
    Needle x 5
    Fine Wood x 5

Draugr Fang

The Draugr Fang is Valheim’s most powerful bow. It’s an obvious choice for archers because it deals with a lot of piercing damage and even applies a poison effect without the use of poison arrows. That power, however, comes at a cost, as the Draugr Fang requires both Guck and Silver to make.

  • Crafting Recipe:
    Silver x 10
    Guck x 10
    Ancient Bark x 10
    Deer Hide x 2

Abyssal Razor

The Abyssal Razor doesn’t appear to be very good at first glance. It only deals 12 pierce and 12 slash damage, putting it in the same league as other less expensive weapons. The secret, however, is in sneaking: the Abyssal Razor’s backstab damage is multiplied by ten, giving it one of the game’s highest attack values. This is the blade to use if you prefer to fight quietly.

  • Crafting Recipe:
    Chitin x 20
    Fine Wood x 4
    Leather Scraps x 2


The Stagbreaker is a capable two-handed blunt weapon with area-of-effect damage. This AoE effect makes it an excellent weapon for dealing with crowds, which is especially useful once you’ve reached the Swamp biome. However, it isn’t high on our list because of its strength, but rather because of its low crafting requirements. This is a good one to start with and use until better weapons become available.

  • Crafting Recipe:
    Core Wood x 20
    Deer Trophy x 5
    Leather Scrap x 2


The A-tier weapons in Valheim, as expected, are excellent choices for those who cannot yet craft the game’s unique weapons. These require late-game materials such as Blackmetal or Silver, which are used in powerful blades. Others, such as the Huntsman bow, can be upgraded to the point where they can hold their own even in the most dangerous biomes.

Huntsman Bow

The Huntsman Bow is the second-best bow in Valheim right now. You’ll need some iron to make it, as you might expect. If you haven’t yet unlocked iron, the Finewood Bow, which deals 10 less damage than the Huntsman but doesn’t require iron to craft, is a good option.

  • Crafting Recipe:
    Iron x 20
    Fine Wood x 10
    Feather x 10
    Deer Hide x 2

Blackmetal Axe

The Blackmetal Axe is Valheim’s most powerful ax by a long shot. Given that it deals 95 slash damage, it’s borderline S-tier. However, it has a parry force of exactly zero, which is a disadvantage. It may deal a lot of damage, but if you want to fight defensively, you’ll need to pair it with a shield.

  • Crafting Recipe:
    Blackmetal Bar x 20
    Linen Thread x 5
    Fine Wood x 6

Silver Sword

For sword-wielding Vikings, the Silver Sword is an excellent weapon. It has a slash damage of 75 and a Spirit damage of 30, making it even more dangerous than the Blackmetal Sword. However, because of its lower crafting requirements, it outranks the Blackmetal blade on our list.

  • Crafting Recipe:
    Silver x 40
    Iron x 5
    Leather Scraps x 3
    Wood x 2


Finally, we get to B-tier weapons, which are just “good enough.” With one exception, these items will do the job without requiring you to seek out rare resources or learn how to sail in order to transport metal ore across the map. They won’t hold up against the game’s unique weapons, but they’ll do the job.

Battle Axe                                            

The Battleaxe is one of Valheim’s most unique weapons, as it can perform three different melee attacks. It’s a great blade for crowd control and parrying incoming attacks, despite its size. However, when compared to its base damage output of 75, it has unusually high crafting requirements. This simply means that it is less cost-effective than other A and S-tier weapons.

  • Crafting Recipe:Iron x 35
    Ancient Bark x 30
    Leather Scraps x 4

Bronze Axe

You can get away with the Bronze Axe because it is the lowest-grade ax you can get. It’s crucial to get it early because it’s the first sharp blade capable of chopping birch and oak trees, which are important sources of fine wood. And, like all axes, it has two functions: to fell trees and to kill monsters. It’s also not exactly weak: It’s almost as powerful as the Iron Axe when fully upgraded.

  • Crafting Recipe:
    Bronze x 8
    Wood x 4
    Leather Scraps x 2

Bronze Sword 

The Bronze Sword is the first sword that the player will be able to use. It isn’t particularly powerful, dealing only 35 slash damage. It is, however, the best weapon to use in order to quickly increase your sword power, making later S-tier swords much more effective in combat. The only stipulation is that you summon Eikthyr and claim his antlers in order to make a basic pickaxe.

  • Crafting Recipe:
    Bronze x 8
    Leather Scraps x 2
    Wood x2

When it comes to surviving in Valheim, these are the best weapons to make. Even so, many of them won’t be available until you’ve been playing for several weeks in-game. If you’re still a beginner, or if you’re having trouble figuring out how to move forward, take a look at our beginner’s guide.

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