Valheim Creative Mode: How To Enable and Play

Beyond the game’s own experience of action and mythology, many players have found a way to unleash their most creative side. You can find all kinds of impossible structures, fortifications, ports, entire towns, and even some of the most impressive crossovers.

Worth the time?

Collecting enough materials to carry out these feats is not easy or fast at all. You have to accumulate not only the materials necessary for the buildings themselves but in most cases, some scaffolding or structures to be able to reach the more difficult places. But then, if the game has only been going on for a few weeks, how have those players accomplished this? Is it necessary for me to sacrifice my sleep hours in order to achieve it?

Valheim developers have shared a list of cheats and commands that can be entered through the game console to generate infinite materials, activate god mode and the ability to fly, and even a camera mode that is free to capture and video more easily.

How to access Valheim Creative Mode

Opening the command console is very simple, with default access on the keyboard that will allow us to access it just by pressing the F5 key on our keyboard. However, we will only have a few commands available for now. To activate the tricks or cheats, we will have to type the command imacheater and press the Enter key, after which we will see a confirmation message.

Of course, once the multiplayer function has been activated, the activation of the cheats will no longer be available in the Valheim shared servers, limiting its use in the solo mode.


Let’s go over the commands that will allow us to unleash our creative potential.

  •      god: enable / disable god mode (no damage)
  •      ghost: enable / disable ghost mode (invisible to enemies)
  •      freefly: enable / disable free camera outside of character
  •      ffsmooth 1: smoother motion for free camera shake
  •      ffsmooth 0: reset free camera shake settings
  •      debugmode: enable / disable creative mode
  •      B: enable / disable building requirements
  •      Z: enable / disable the flight functions (the space bar – go up, Ctrl button – go down)
  •      K: Eliminate all enemies
  •      removedrops: remove uncollected items from the ground


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