Genshin Impact: All You Need To Know About Sayu

MiHoYo developed and published Genshin Impact, an open-world action role-playing game. The game features a fantasy open-world setting as well as an action-based battle system that incorporates elemental magic and other elements. MiHoYo states that new content will be released every six weeks. Sayu could be one of the new characters included in the upcoming 1.4 update.

Anemo Claymore User?

Sayu is a fictional character who uses Anemo Claymore. She could be the first Anemo Claymore character in the game, as there have been no previous Anemo Claymore characters.


Sayu, like Qiqi, can possibly have strong ties to the Inazuma region, either as story additions or as new function NPCs. Accordingly, we presume that the upcoming Genshin Impact 1.4 update will include Inazuma characters as well.

A Playable Character?

Sayu could very well be a playable story character, based on her potential story presence.


The following are two of the best yet-to-be-released characters that players have been waiting for:

  • Dainsleif
    • Appeared in Tokyo Game Show 2020 and official videos
  • Kamisato Ayaka
    • The protagonist of the Inazuma story
    • Has Mona’s high-speed movement ability.

More about the 1.4 Update

Genshin Impact’s Update 1.4 will be releasing on March 17th. MiHoYo announced the release date earlier this week.

New Events and Quests!

An Invitation to Windbloom

  • Attend the Windblume Festival in Mondstadt and participate in various mini-games.

Arena Event

  • Challenge and defeat various monsters.

Date Event

  • Hang out with Barbara, Bennett, Chongyun, and Noelle.

Oceanid Event

  • Defeat an Oceanid and get a pet (mini Oceanid).

Archon Quest (Continuation)

  • There will be a sequel to your Dainsleif adventures.

New Items / Weapons / Recipes

  • Elegy For The End
  • Alley Hunter
  • Wine and Song
  • The Alley Flash
  • Windblume Ode

New Bosses and Features

  • Abyss Herald (Boss)
  • Increased Condensed Resin Limit (3 to 5)
  • World Rank -1 (temporary)
  • Spiral Abyss UI Improvement


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