Genshin Impact Rust: Stats, Lore & How To Get Easy Guide

The Rust Bow, unlike most of the bows in Genshin Impact, prioritizes normal attacks over aimed attacks, and this configuration is sure to appeal to a wide range of players. If you’re a fan who wants to try something new,

In Genshin Impact, weapons are essential for survival and determine the effectiveness of your attacks. Bows are one of the most effective weapons in the game for dealing with enemies from afar. If you want to buy a bow, you’ll have a lot of choices. The 4-star Rust Bow is probably one of the best options in this category.

Rust Bow Stats and Lore

Base Attack: 42 Attack Damage

Secondary Stat (Lvl. 1): +9% Base Attack

Passive: Rapid Firing (+40% Normal Attack Damage, -10% Aimed Shot Damage)

You can upgrade both the base stat and attack damage bonus of the Rust. With a 12 percent penalty in aimed shot damage, the damage amplification is maxed out at 80 percent.

Where can I get the Rust Bow?

There is currently no guarantee that a Rust Bow will drop in Genshin Impact. That’s important to know because some guides claim there’s a Rust Bow location, which is false as far as we can tell. There isn’t one, as far as we’ve been able to tell. And you already know what that means: Gacha Wish.

As of now, there is no sure-fire way to get the Rust, so you’ll have to rely on their luck. In a wish, players have a 5.1 percent chance of getting a 4-star weapon. Even if you do receive a 4-star drop, your chances of getting the Rust from the banner are slim.

  • The Rust is a 4-star bow that, according to Genshin Impact lore, is so rusted – and powerful – that it would be impossible for an average person to draw and fire it. This explains how delicate anime characters can fire their machine guns in a rapid-fire style. I suppose it’s just Genshin magic.
  • As you upgrade, its base stat and normal attack damage bonus both increases, with the latter reaching an 80 percent increase in exchange for only a 12 percent aim shot damage debuff.

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