Genshin Impact: All Anemoculus Locations and Map

Genshin Impact is brimming with collectibles, which isn’t surprising given the game’s vast open world. In addition to picking up gear, collecting and processing ingredients for cooking, battling enemies, there are collectibles like the Anemoculus. These can be found all over the world, often tucked away in difficult-to-reach locations.


Anemoculus are usually easy to spot. They’ll show up on your map as a star-shaped symbol, which you’ll naturally gravitate towards. As a result, any map listing the locations only needs to be broad; once you’re in the general area, the in-game map will guide you to their exact location. They usually appear as floating blue items that gravitate in mid-air. They’re also usually high up, so you’ll have to use climbing and gliding to get them.

What you need to know is that the maps have been divided into sections – based on how easy it is to gather information. It’s easiest to get them if you follow the numbered order.

The anemoculus become more difficult to find as you progress through the list. The areas where you’ll need to go to grab them will have more enemies and obstacles to avoid. This may make high-level buffs from cooking, strong stats, and a lot of stamina useful. The more Oculi you collect from this map, the higher the statues will level up and the more rewards you will receive.

Starfell Valley: 14 Anemoculus

Galesong Hill: 13 Anemoculus

Windwail Highlands: 18 Anemoculus

Brightcrown Mountains: 20 Anemoculus



Once you have a large number of Anemoculus, you can worship them by offering them to the Statue of the Seven. Trading in your Anemoculus will net you some excellent rewards, with the amount you receive based on the number of Oculi you’ve traded.

Primogems (gacha banner draws), Anemo Sigil (Souvenir shop), Adventure EXP (to level up), and, most importantly, Extra Stamina are all possible rewards. The stamina in particular is hugely useful, even in helping to reach more Anemoculus.

As previously stated, the Statue of the Seven can be found all over Mondstadt, so don’t worry about visiting the same one twice.


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