Valheim Update Schedule – 2021 Roadmap and Patches

Valheim’s popularity has soared since its Steam Early Access launch in early February, with over four million players now wielding axes and shields in the quest for a place in Valhalla. Troll heads have fallen, grayling deaths have been avoided, and Vikings have banded together to take on tough Valheim bosses – and there’s more update to come.

The game has progressed since we first arrived in Viking purgatory with nothing but our undies and a determination to survive, laying the groundwork for a long journey through choppy waters and hostile biomes. Part of its survival game success can be attributed to excellent base building and a challenging yet fair progression system that has spawned some of the best gaming memes to date.

Players have not only built Sauron’s Eye but also a replica of the Millennium Falcon out of what we can only assume is a lot of wood, thanks to the simple yet versatile building system. There’s more to come, as the first update focuses on base building and recipes, but Iron Gate Studio has detailed what we can expect from Valheim in the future.


There will be four major Valheim updates, as well as more modes and plans on the way, as well as smaller bug fixes and balance patches. Although no release dates have been announced as of yet, here’s what to expect from each major Valheim update.

Expected Release Date – April 2021

  • Hearth and Home will most likely introduce base and home improvements, as the name implies.
  • This update could bring you new furniture and construction options for your base. Valheim already has a diverse range of construction materials, so this is very exciting!
  • Your base doesn’t stop at your longhouse; it also extends outside. Maybe there will be more crops to cook and tamable animals in the game.
  • Perhaps they’ll introduce biome-specific crops and animals to encourage the development of multi-biome foundations!

Expected Release Date – June 2021

  • Given how scarce content is in the mountain biome compared to Swamp and Plains, this update could focus more on combat and the mountain biome.
  • Wolves are not only pets but also combat partners! When wolves are tamed, this update may bring in more uses for them, such as materials tracking to improve exploration.

SHIPS and the SEA
Expected Release Date – August 2021

  • This update focuses on ships and the Ocean biome in Valheim.
  • Because portals exist, most ships have been reduced to glorified bridges between islands. Maybe that will change with this update.
  • Ship customization and additional sailing mechanics are expected to be added to the game. Perhaps a new mechanic for obtaining resources from enemy ships will be introduced?
  • The Ocean biome is the only one that has yet to be released without a boss. This is an appropriate way to introduce one. With improved sailing and some additional ship mechanics, those Krakens may finally be resentful of all the Chitins we harvested from their backs.

Expected Release Date – October 2021

  • The fifth and final update for 2021 focuses primarily on the introduction of the Mistlands, a brand-new biome.
  • New items, enemies, resources, and, of course, a new boss with each new biome. This is the most eagerly anticipated update!


Along with the major updates mentioned above, Iron Gate Studios intends to release a number of bug fixes and enhancements to the game’s overall experience. These updates will be minor in comparison to the major ones, and they will only be released if Odin so desires.

  • Multiplayer Interactions
  • Combat Improvements
  • Moon Phases
  • Tar Pits
  • Vendor Inventory Expansion
  • Svartalfr Brigands
  • More Unique Locations
  • Sandbox Mode
  • Munin


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