Genshin Impact Poetry Exchange Quest Guide: All Steps & Correct Dialogue Options

While the majority of the daily commissions in Genshin Impact require players to kill a certain number of Hilichurls, the “Poetry Exchange” quest takes a more peaceful approach. Genshin Impact players must help Ella Musk, a small child who believes she has discovered a new way to communicate with Mondstadt’s Hilichurl population, in this quest.

Where to begin the quest

To begin the quest, players must travel to Starfell Valley in Mondstadt and find a Hilichurl camp on the outskirts of the Cryo Regisvine boss location. To begin the quest, players must speak with Ella Musk once they arrive at the quest location.

Ella will tell the player that after several attempts at communicating with the Hilichurls, she has written a series of Hilichurl poems that she wants the player to test on the camp’s residents. A quest item called “Draft Lines of Hilichurlian Poetry” will be given to the player after speaking with Ella.

Players should read the Draft Lines before speaking with the Hilichurls, which can be found in the quest item section of the player’s inventory. Players will find a list of Hilichurlian phrases Ella has tested, as well as the responses to those phrases, in the document.

Hilichurls Dance

The Hilichurls will dance after each prompt, indicating that the player has chosen the correct response. It’s worth noting that even if players choose the wrong dialogue prompts, the quest can still be completed. Players who make a mistake, on the other hand, will be forced to fight the Hilichurls in the camp to complete the Daily Commission.

You will complete the daily commission and receive the usual primogem reward if they select all of the correct responses. Players will also earn an achievement if they select all of the correct dialogue responses.

Phrase Meaning

Draft Lines of Hilichurlian Poetry, another Ella Musk item, explains what each phrase means. Here’s how each is explained, in case you’re curious:

Celi dada, mimi nunu!

  • Appears to be a common greeting. This phrase does not appear to have any negative connotations.

Muhe ye!

  • These two words appear to imply some kind of upbeat anticipation.

Ye dada!

  • This is a straightforward compliment.

Ya yika!

  • It appears to be a derogatory term used to express disapproval of the speaker.

Nini zido!

  • It appears to be a very dangerous term.

Correct Dialogue Options

Using negative phrases will, predictably, elicit a negative response from the Hilichurl. Basically, you should greet them, express your excitement to meet them, and then praise them. Follow the order below to successfully finish the Poetry Exchange quest:

  • “Celi dada, mimi nunu!”
  • “Muhe ye!”
  • “Ye dada!”

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