Pokemon GO: How and Where to Find Nanab Berries Easy Guide

We’re here to assist you! Here’s how to get Nanab Berries to help you finish the Timed Research Task in Season of Legends.

This March, Pokemon GO players will have access to a slew of new features. As we enter the Season of Legends, we’ll be introduced to a slew of new wild Pokemon, a slew of new Raid bosses, a slew of new events, and a slew of new research tasks.

However, some of these research tasks are causing some issues for players. “Take a picture of Landorus,” for example, and “Use three Nanab Berries to aid in Pokemon capture,” for example.

Task and Rewards

“Use three Nanab Berries to help catch Pokemon,” is the main task that players are having trouble with. This can be found in the Season of Legends’ second stage, the Searching for Legends Timed Research event.

The encounter with a Magnemite is the reward for completing this task. Remember that Magnemite can be shiny, so this task is well worth your time.

Other Tasks

The Searching for Legends Timed Research has a total of seven stages for players to complete.

Ground-type Pokemon must be photographed, Team GO Rocket grunts must be defeated, and a certain number of Pokemon must be caught.

Completing these tasks will reward you with a variety of items, including encounters with Nosepass, Forretress, Ferroseed, and others, as well as Stardust, Pokeballs, and EXP.

This Timed Research, on the other hand, will expire in less than four days, so players will need to complete it as soon as possible.

Nanab Berries

As previously stated, Nanab Berries must complete one section of the Timed Research. Players can obtain these items in a variety of ways.

They can be obtained by leveling up and completing research tasks given out by Pokestops or sent down daily by Niantic. From level four onwards, they’re available at all Pokestops. Players will only require a few of these, so it shouldn’t be too challenging.

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