Genshin Impact Summon Simulator: What Is It and How To Use It

The Genshin Impact summon simulator shows players how the game’s rolling system works. How luck affects your results, and how many times you need to roll to get a 5-star character or weapon. If you’re interested in learning more about Genshin Impact’s Summon Simulator, you should read this guide.

What is it?

This is an interesting way to compare your 10 wishes with what you get in Genshin. Especially if you are playing Genshin Impact for free.

A Summon Simulator does exactly what it says; you can use it to see what wishes you would have gotten if you used them in Genshin Impact. However, because you are using Fates that can vanish in the blink of an eye, your experience in Genshin Impact will differ from the real thing.

How to use

The summon simulator allows players to experience Genshin Impact’s Gacha System without having to spend any real money. If you want a 5-star character or weapon in the game, you’ll have to work hard. The Summon Simulator will tell you how likely it is that you will get one and how many attempts it will take. It is entirely dependent on luck, and depending on your good fortune, you may be able to get one on the first try or it may take several tries.

This can be eye-opening because the Gacha system is essentially a lottery ticket, and you could end up spending hundreds of dollars before getting your favorite character or weapon in the game.

You can use one of two main Summon Simulators. They’re harmless entertainment that could potentially distort your perception of reality, as you might get lucky and get five 5-star characters in a row, which is less than ever getting Diluc.

Try Summon Simulators by clicking the links below:

Click HERE for Stellar Ashes Simulator

Click HERE for GI Wish Simulator

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