Genshin Impact – Daily Server Reset Guide – Worldwide Reset Times

If you’ve recently joined the Genshin Impact bandwagon, you’ve probably heard of Reboot Time. Despite the fact that you can only claim your daily rewards once per day, knowing when the reset time occurs can help you maximize the number of benefits your money earns or, if you use daily rewards properly, the amount of bang you get for free.

Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a brief but comprehensive guide on when the Genshin Impact daily reset occurs, as well as why it’s critical to claim your free rewards as frequently as possible.

Different Time Zones

If you live in a different time zone than the server locations, the distance between your time zone and the server will affect your daily reset time. The chart below shows the time it takes for each time zone and server combination to reboot.

You can receive Mail, etc. with the date tagged one day in advance if your reset time is set to Day Before.


Why keep track of the server time?

The availability of missions and items in Genshin Impact is affected by the server reset time, and these factors have a direct impact on how quickly you can level up in your adventure rank.

  • Daily Login Bonuses
    • It is critical to claim login bonuses in order to receive useful articles. Mora, Protogems, and other items can be used. To keep receiving rewards, make sure to log in every day!
  • Store Items
    • Each day, only a limited number of store items are available for purchase. Once you’ve purchased a certain quantity, these have specific update times. Make sure to check each store’s update times in the lower-left corner.
  • Daily Commissions
    • You can start making journals for more Adventure experiences once you reach Adventure Rank 12. You can only complete a certain number of these missions per day, so keeping track of time will help you gain the most XP.

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