Valheim FPS Fix – How To Improve and Increase Game FPS

Valheim was released in early access, which means that players are experiencing a development version of the game. Therefore, Valheim is not fully optimized for computers, which means that gamers can experience large FPS drops. Luckily, a Reddit user found a way to increase the performance of the game.

Check out the tips below and start setting up your game to squeeze the most FPS imaginable.

  • Right-click on Valheim in your Steam library.
    • Go to Properties.
    • Go to Local Files.
    • Click on Explore
    • Open the game files folder.
    • Open valheim_Data folder.
    • Find the file “boot” or “boot.config”
    • Open with notepad.
    • Add this text as a separate line at the top.
      • gfx-enable-gfx-jobs = 1
    • Add this text just below the first line.
      • gfx-enable-native-gfx-jobs = 1
    • Save and close the file.
  • Go to the Steam library.
    • Right-click on Valheim.
    • Select Properties.
    • Add this in the launch parameters.
      • -windows-mode-exclusive
    • Close that window.
  • Open the task manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del)
    • Find Valheim in the processes tab.
    • Right-click and select Details.
    • Right-click on valheim.exe
    • Select “Set priority”
    • Set to “High”.
  • Repeat the final step in the task manager every time you open the game.

Other Methods:

  • Enable fullscreen “True”
    • Valheim by default does not have a “true” full-screen option. You are stuck with Windowed Borderless mode which causes serious problems for some PCs.
    • You can force the actual full screen with a simple Steam command.
  • Enable real full-screen
    • Right-click on Valheim in your Steam library
    • Select Properties.
    • Under the General Tab, find “ LAUNCH OPTIONS ”.
    • Enter the following:
      • -Exclusive window mode-screen-full screen
    • You may also need to press [Alt + Enter] twice after starting Valheim to successfully switch to real full screen.
  • Simple configuration changes
    • Certain settings always affect your GPU stronger than others. To see if your FPS improves.
    • Try disabling the following effects first. For some, that’s all it takes.
      • Disable Motion Blur Lower (or disable) Anti-Aliasing
  • Disable Sysmain
    • In the Start menu search bar, type “services” and press Enter.
    • Select Sysmain.
    • Click “Stop the service”
    • You can restart the service from this application at any time. If you don’t see an increase in FPS, it is highly recommended to restart and let it do its thing.
  • Change the level of detail
    • Lower LOD (Level of Detail) – as a quick way to improve FPS.
    • Press F5 after starting Valheim
    • Open the console command window.
    • Type the following command:
      • lodbias 1


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