Genshin Impact 1.5 Update Leaks: Eula and Feiyan Coming in Next Update?

A new leak has surfaced in the community, which, in our opinion, is bad news for those of us who were hoping to see Baizhu, YaoYao, and Dendro in Genshin Impact update 1.5.

The date of the 1.5 pre-download has already been determined, and the following has been uncovered:


  • The Chasm region is expected to be added to the map as part of the 1.5 Update, along with a few new characters.
  • Two Dendro characters are expected to make their first appearance in the game, according to rumors. Baizhu and Yaoyao are two examples. However, things appear to have shifted.
  • According to a reliable leaker, Dendro will not be included in the 1.5 Update.
    • Dendro is one of the game’s seven elements, but there are no Dendro characters in the game right now.
  • This means that fans who have been waiting for Baizhu and Yaoyao may have to wait a little longer.
  • Suggestions of reruns may be on the way, with Zhongli reportedly being one of them.

However, because this is still a beta, Genshin Leaks claims that things may be changed or added in the final version of the game. With over a month until the Genshin Impact update 1.5, we might as well see Dendro appear in the game. Dendro appears to be less likely to appear in 1.5 right now.

Eula and Feiyan?

We don’t know for sure whether Eula and Feiyan are playable in the Genshin 1.5 Beta. Even if Eula and Feiyan are playable in the 1.5 Beta, there’s no guarantee they’ll be playable in the final version.

It’s worth noting that datamined content, such as characters and items, is still missing from the official game. Some of it dates back to Version 1.1.

The Non-Disclosure Agreement

Registration for the Ver 1.5 Closed Beta Test was recently opened by miHoYo. The beta should begin in the coming days. It’s worth noting that in the Closed beta, miHoYo prohibits players from sharing any kind of information.

Furthermore, miHoYo has previously sued some leakers for violating the Non-Disclosure Agreement, or NDA.

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