Valheim: Best Building and Design Ideas and How To Build Them

It is critical to have your own base, which is why some players devote a significant amount of time and effort to it. Take a look at these building design ideas and learn how they were made!

Oceanside Base

We can construct ships and explore areas outside of the mapping in Valheim, giving the game even more options. Some players have built ports in order to facilitate the arrival and departure of naval traffic. Even lighthouses have been built!

Hagrid’s Hut

If you’re a Harry Potter fan who sympathizes with Hagrid, you can now build his adorable little house in Valheim to honor him. The players’ creativity appears to have no bounds.


The best place to be safe from Valheim’s earthly dangers? Up the trees! A network of floating fortresses is also visible in the second photograph. Some really cool and practical inventions.

The Wall of Valheim

After a certain point, base attacks become more common, so it’s critical that we safeguard our beloved camp. Here is an excellent example of a walled settlement with a path for us to place our bow and finish off the intruding predators.

How do they do it? Here are some building design tips!

Item Stand

The use of item stands as a decorative tool is rather impactful on the building design. Place food on the table, a gleaming Golem trophy on your storage shelves to demonstrate wealth, yellow mushrooms for a magical forest feel, cooked meat near your campfire, and much more.

Circular design

With some effort, you can construct fairly round buildings or segments. Place a wall, rotate it a single tick, then place another wall next to it, rotate it again, and so on. Small floor tiles can be used to create a smaller circle.


When roofs are placed directly on top of walls, they appear to be a little flat. Extending the roof past the wall by a full or half-block is a simple solution that can be accomplished with the (small) floor tile.

If you’re using this trick on a round building, you might want to build a temporary outline below the extended roof rather than the recessed walls that support it.

Smoke Effect

You might be tempted to vent smoke straight out of a chimney because that’s what you’d do in real life. Smoke rising against the ceiling in Valheim, on the other hand, is visually stunning and does not cause soot buildup.

Also, because smoke isn’t used very often in builds on right now if you want to make yours stand out, this is a nice method to do it.

Brick Wall Effect

Instead of piling stone walls in a grid pattern, try shifting each layer to the side to create a brick wall effect. If you just spam the same patterns repeatedly, Valheim will look like a voxel game!

With a little effort and a unique perspective, you can create immersive and lovely outposts in a variety of themes, as various Reddit users have shown.

Frames, frames, frames

Frame windows, doorways, stairwells, and chimneys with regular or log beams. This improves the appearance of a structure, but keep in mind that too many blocks can cause the game to stutter – there’s a fine line to be drawn between sheer size and fine detail.


Existing structures in an outpost can make for interesting features. Dungeon entrances are not only beautiful, but they can also be farmed for yellow mushrooms.

Those massive stone obelisks in the plains are also a great help in constructing a castle in the clouds.

Best Building Support

The most powerful support pillar you can erect is a planted tree, not stone or iron. It provides 100 percent support all the way to the top, though it can be inconvenient to hide the leaves and branches (if desired).

Spiral Staircase?

Construct a spiral staircase by vertically stacking small beams in the middle, then horizontally snapping long beams to the central column, each rotated a single tick beyond the last.

Use the biomes!

Different biomes help for drastically different visual appeal, so deciding on a location is the most important step before you start building. Due to snow and altitude differences, the mountains, in particular, provide a view that is not possible elsewhere.

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