Pokemon GO Metal Coat Guide: How To Get and Which Pokemon Need It to Evolve

Metal Coat is an important evolution item in Pokémon Go. And if you’re new to the game, you should be aware that obtaining it and putting it to its proper use is not a walk in the park. The most important factor in achieving this is the RNG’s favorableness. Let’s talk about how to get this evolution item in Pokémon Go today!

How to obtain?

  • PokeStops
    • Can be obtained by spinning, just like other consumables in the game.
    • DROP RATE: Low drop rate of around 1%
      • May take up to 500 spins on a bad day.
      • Drop rate is comparable to that of other evolutionary items, the high spin number is due to this.
      • You’ll need to get lucky twice: Once to get an evolutionary item from a PokéStop and then again to get a Metal Coat from a PokéStop.

TIP: Take advantage of the daily bonus system to boost the list of items you can obtain from a PokéStop, potentially maximizing your odds of securing a Metal Coat by a small margin.

If you visit a PokéStop seven days in a row, you’ll get more items each day, with the bonus reaching its maximum potential on the seventh day.

  • Go Battle
    • You could also further compete in the Go Battle League for a mystery reward if you fancy the game’s PvP aspect.
    • DROP RATE: ???
      • Although the drop rate of this evolution item from the mystery item reward is uncertain, it is assumed to be as low as that of PokéStops.

Which Pokemons use it?

As of now, there are 2 specific Pokemons who use Metal Coat for their evolution.

It’s worth noting that, because these Pokémon are strange in their natural state, you’ll need 50 candies to evolve them. This is why it’s crucial to hatch the eggs and use Pinap Berries.

  • Scyther –> Scizor
    • 1 Metal Coat
    • 50 Scyther Candies
  • Onix –> Steelix
    • 1 Metal Coat
    • 50 Onix Candies

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