Valheim: How to Get and Craft Serpent Scale Shield Easy Guide

You don’t have to focus solely on creating the best weapons in the game if you want to survive in Valheim. To have a good attack, it’s sometimes best to bet on a good defense. We can also make shields in Valheim, so how could it be otherwise? The Serpent Scale Shield is a particularly good one that comes highly recommended!

Serpent Scales are the main component of this shield. This resource can be obtained by defeating Sea Serpents.

Where to find Sea Serpents?

The Serpent is a sea monster that can be found in Valheim’s ocean. You can find it using any boat, it is strongly advised to use the Karve or the Longship for this adventure because these boats can withstand multiple attacks from this creature.

Even so, the snake is very likely to attack you as soon as you enter its territory, which saves you the trouble of having to look for it. To face this battle, you’ll need a lot of arrows and a bow. Make sure you have a Nether Harpoon made from Chitin as well.

Serpent Scales

  • To catch the snake, use the Nether Harpoon. The harpoon is wielded like a bow and functions similarly to a fishing rod, but for larger fish.
  • You can’t pick up the line like a fishing pole, but the player in charge of the boat can take it to shore, bringing the Serpent closer to shore.

NOTE: You wouldn’t be able to collect the objects it drops in the ocean, because they’d be lost in the vastness of the water!

  • When you get the Serpent to the shore, you must take advantage of the opportunity to kill it. To successfully “fish” the Sea Serpent, call a friend!

Serpent Scale Shield Recipe

You can make the Serpent Scale Shield once you have all of the snake scales you require. It’s a big, strong shield that goes well with any one-handed weapon you have.

To craft the Serpent Scale Shield you need:

  • x8 Serpent Scales
  • x10 Fine Wood
  • x4 Iron
  • Tier 3 Forge

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