Valheim Flametal Ore Guide – How To Get and What You Can Make From It

Valheim has an insane amount of resources available to its players. There are nearly a dozen different minerals to collect if you explore all of the game’s biomes. Vikings attempting to conquer the world’s most remote regions, on the other hand, may come face to face with the flametal ore, a rare and powerful mineral.


You must travel to the Ashlands biome, which is the map’s southernmost biome, in order to mine Flametal Ores. The Ashlands are a reddish-brown area with a gray background that is currently lifeless.

To obtain the ore, you must use at least one iron pickaxe to mine the nearby meteorites known as Glowing Metal.

Establishing a base in Ashlands is highly recommended if you want to consistently mine Flametal. The weight of this mineral is horrible; 12 for mineral and 12 for metal.

This means that a full pile of 30 will weigh 360 pounds, far more than your normal load. This will instantly load up your longship! It could just as well be based in purgatory.

What are Flametal Ores used for?

A Blast Furnace is required to smelt Flametal ore. To make a blast furnace, players must first kill Moder, obtain its tears, and construct a Valheim Artisan Crafting Table. It, like other Valheim metals, cannot be teleported. Flametal bars are created after the ore is processed.

Despite the fact that this metal has yet to be used in the game, Valheim’s developer has dropped a few hints about what this metal might be used for in future releases.

However, the Ashlands are not currently on the list of guaranteed updates, so you might as well collect your Flametal now while it’s still easy and wait for the latest update. Who knows how difficult it will be to get some new information in the future!

We can only hypothesize how beneficial Flametal armor and weapons could be. After all, you’d be working with a meteorite! Hopefully, the creators will make it sound as metallic as it does.

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