Valheim Drake Helmet – How To Craft, Materials, Stats

Trophies are a measure of a player’s combat prowess in Valheim. The heads of the dead can be used as decorations, and Valheim trophies can be hung on the walls of players’ homes. However, one trophy is primarily used to create the fabled Valheim Drake Helmet!

What are Drakes?

Drakes are a mountain biome enemy that resembles a flying dragon. Drakes have icy breath that can cause freezing and damage to players, but they also drop highly sought-after loot. In Valheim, players can find Drake’s Freeze Glands, which can be used to make Frost Arrows, as well as Drake trophies, which can be used to learn and craft the Drake Helmet.

How to defeat Drakes?

Players will have to fight extra to get the two drake trophies required for the helmet, as the drake trophy drop rate is around 15%. Players will also have to start crafting not only the wolf’s armor but also the frost resistance potions in Valheim if they want to kill as many Drakes as possible.


  • 10x Honey
  • 2x Bloodbag
  • 1x Gray Dwarf Eye

Dragons reappear frequently in the game, so try to eliminate as many of these flying foes as you can. Portals can also be used to move between smaller areas of the Mountains quickly.

Tips and Tricks

  • The Drakes do not land in Valheim, but players can use a harpoon to stop them from flying too far.
  • Valheim players will be able to easily survive the snow and icy dragon attacks in the Mountain Biome thanks to armor and potions.
  • Take your most powerful bows and arrows possible!
  • Drakes have a distinct attack pattern that players can quickly learn: they fly towards the player, attack with three icy breaths, spin around, and repeat.
  • The icy breath can be easily avoided once players understand the cycle. The frost will deal a two-second debuff that slows and damages the player if it is not dodged. This should make killing dragons a little easier!

Drake Helmet

The chance of getting one of these trophies is extremely low, but the Drake Helmet’s stats render it worthwhile!

Not only does Drake Helmet has a high level of durability, but it also provides the user with up to 26 armor, depending on the level of the helmet.


  • Level 1 Forge
  • 20x Silver
  • 2x Wolf Pelt
  • 2x Drake Trophies

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