Pokemon Go: How To Catch Fletchling, Movesets, Counters, Evolution Guide

Fletchling is a Normal and Flying-type Pokémon, which is easily found in the wild!

This pokemon is a tiny bird Pokémon that looks like a robin. It has a reddish-orange head and each eye has a triangular yellow mark on the back. It has a gray body and wings, with white tips on the wings. The tail is long and black with a white V-shaped marking near the tip.

The tail has two points at the end and two feathers sticking out at the base, similar to the fletching on an arrow’s end. It has black legs, a small beak, and eyes. Each foot has two toes facing forward and one facing backward, making the legs thin and spindly.

How to get Fletchling?

  • In the wild.
  • Originally from the Kalos region (Gen 6).
  • During Community Day, a shiny Fletchling catch rate is greatly increased! About a 1:24 ratio!


  • Fletchling evolves into Fletchinder for 25 Fletchling Candies.
  • Fletchinder evolves into Talonflame for 100 Fletchling Candies.

Best Moveset

When attacking Pokémon in Gyms, Fletchliongl’s best moves are Peck and Aerial Ace. This moveset has the highest total DPS and is also the most effective in PVP battles.

  • Peck
    • DPS: 6.17
  • Aerial Ace
    • DPS: 6.12
  • Heat Wave
    • DPS: 5.04
  • Swift
    • DPS: 4.89

Counters and Strategy

  • Type: Normal and Flying-type Pokémon
  • Vulnerable to: Electric, Ice, Rock-type moves
  • Resistant to: Bug, Ghost, Grass, Ground-type moves
  • Top 5 Pokemon Counters:
    • Thundurus
      • Thunder Shock / Thunderbolt
    • Mamoswine
      • Powder Snow / Avalanche
    • Tyrantrum
      • Rock Throw / Stone Edge
    • Heliolisk
      • Volt Switch / Thunderbolt
    • Aurorus
      • Rock Throw / Weather Ball (Ice)

Pokemon Fletchling Trivia

  • Fletchling is known for its beautiful songs and is said to be very friendly. It communicates with other members of its species by chirping and moving its tailfeathers. Despite its generally peaceful demeanor, it is ruthless in battle and fiercely territorial, targeting dangers without mercy.
  • When startled or excited, its body heats up to double its normal temperature. The body’s hormone production increases as the temperature rises. If you touch it with your bare hands, it can burn you.
  • Under the ownership of Grace, Fletchling made his debut in the anime in Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!

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