Pokemon Go Shiny Snivy: How To Catch, Evolve, Stats Guide

Spring has only just begun, implying that March is only a few days away. Niantic usually announces which Pokémon will be featured on Pokémon GO Community Day just before the start of each month. This month, the Grass Snake Pokémon has already been announced!

We’re talking about Snivy, the Grass-type Pokémon! It first appeared in Generation V of the series and has a type that corresponds to the start of spring. On Sunday, April 11th, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., the next Community Day will be held (local time).

Snivy appears more frequently in the wild during this time. Not only in its shiny or variocolor form, but also in its shiny or variocolor form.

Snivy and lots of Stardust!

This creature has the ability to evolve twice. To evolve into Servine, you’ll need 25 Snivy Candies and another 100 Candies to evolve into Serperior. This will be a fantastic opportunity to register these three Pokémon. Moreover, a fantastic incentive to seize the entire evolutionary line in shiny form!

It’s also worth noting that if you evolve a Snivy or Servine in Serperior. During the same event or two hours later, Serperior will get the exclusive movement of this event, Ferocious Plant!

There will undoubtedly be more bonuses. The Incenses will last 3 hours, just like on other occasions, so you can cover the entire event with just two.

The most eye-catching benefit, however, is that players will be able to earn triple Stardust per capture, which is extremely valuable.

More bonuses!

Finally, for 1280 Pokécoins, you can get the Snivy Community Day Pack, which contains 50 Ultra Balls, 4 Star Chunks, 4 Mossy Bait Modules, and 1 Elite Charged Attack TM.

You can also buy Special Research Snivy in the Sun for $ 1 USD, which grants you access to exclusive Research tasks that reward you with items and Pokémon encounters.

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