Valheim: How To Unlock and Use Stonecutter Easy Guide

By naturally progressing through Valheim, you will be able to unlock more objects. They are a must during a thorough exploration of the swamps! You will be able to create structures that are far more resistant than those made of wood. In this guide, we’ll talk about how to unlock the Stonecutter workbench.

Unlocking the Stonecutter

You must master the Black Forest biome and defeat the Elder, the second boss. After that, you’ll gain access to this new workshop. When you win your battle, you’ll receive the keys to the crypt, which you’ll need to open new dungeons in search of scrap metal, which you can then melt in your home.

Once you have your first iron ingot, you will be able to access new and exciting craft plans, just as you did with bronze. These will allow you to take the next step in your quest for Bonemass by allowing you to explore the swamp once more. The stonecutter workbench is one of them, as it unlocks all the elements of the stone structures.

  • Workbench in range
  • 10x Wood
  • x2 Iron Bars
  • 4x Stone

How to use the Stonecutter

After that, the Stonecutter can be used to create a variety of new items. This includes stone structures, which should significantly improve your base. Your house’s foundation can be strengthened, and there’s now a material that can support your wooden roof while also improving the appearance and structure of your foundation.

If you want to improve your construction skills, you’ll need this bench. You interact with it in the same way you would with a workbench, and it will add stone building tiles to your build menus, such as stone walls, floors, pillars, stairs, and arches.

New Recipes

A sharpening stone is one of the items added to your crafting menu after unlocking the stonecutter. This item is needed to make a grinding wheel, which is one of the items you’ll need to upgrade your forge. To make each one, follow these steps:

  • Sharpening stone
    • 5x Stone
  • Grinding Wheel
    • 5x Wood
    • 1x Sharpening Stone


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