Valheim – How to Craft Megingjord – Increase Carry Weight

Our voyages and explorations in Valheim will ultimately lead to us filling our inventory pockets to overflowing. Many gamers are clueless about the possibility of increasing the inventory limit in order to carry more items, or they are unsure if it is even possible. And the answer is yes! It is possible to accomplish this with the Megignjord. If you’re not sure how to get it, keep reading because we’ll show you how in the next section of our guide!

By default, the maximum weight with which we can load objects in Valheim is 300 pounds. At first, this amount is quite large, but as your game progresses, it will become smaller (especially when you want to carry heavy minerals).


Fortunately, you can increase the maximum inventory weight with an upgrade. Megingjord is an object or special item that provides this improvement.

When equipped, Megingjord improves strength and increases a player’s carrying weight from 300 to 450 pounds.

This item gives you superhuman strength and allows you to carry 150 more pounds, bringing your maximum weight to 450. (a 50 percent improvement).

How to get?

To do so, players must buy it from Haldor, a traveling merchant. Prepare 950 coins!

Players can usually find it by looking for its campfire, but once they get within 1000 kilometers of it, they’ll see it marked on the map as a money bag.

Haldor will not move once players have discovered it for the first time. Players can build a portal between their camp and their base, but some items will be unable to travel through it.

Inventory slot increase?

The space slots in Valheim, unlike the maximum weight we can carry in our inventory, cannot be expanded in any way. At least not at the time of this writing; perhaps it will be updated in the future.

As a result, you’ll always have a maximum of 32 space slots to carry items in your inventory. Before you leave home, think about what you’ll need for your trips and best of luck!

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