Genshin Impact: Where To Find Mist Flower Corolla – All Locations

Players can explore Genshin’s Impact’s open world. And, predictably, that world is brimming with a wide range of items which you can use to cook, create, or complete missions. The Mist Flower Corolla is an example of the latter. You will need it for relevant quests and crafting recipes. Here’s where you’ll find the corolla of the mist flower!

How to get?

Mist Flower cannot be harvested by themselves because they are protected by a layer of ice. You’ll need a Pyro user to pull them from the ground; anyone will do as long as they use an attack that starts a fire. The ice cap will be melted by this Pyro attack, allowing you to collect the mist flower.

Where to find them?

If you want to find Mist Flower in Genshin Impact, go to Wuwang Hill, which is east of the Dawn Winer and has a lot of them. They can also be found north of the Luhua Pool!

The can of mist flower doesn’t really sprout in large numbers in any one location; rather, a few grow here and there in more than one location.

Wuwang Hill, as previously mentioned, is ideal for locating a number of them, as well as Stone Gate and the area between Wuwang Hill and Dawn Winery. You’ll find a few if you do a Mondstadt circle, but they’ll only be one or two at a time, and nothing substantial. For a more detailed map, check out our map location below!

(East) Dawn Winery

(West) Dawn Winery

(Northeast) Dawn Winery

Falcon Coast

Stormterror’s Lair

Springvale (Southwest)

Thousand Winds Temple (Southwest)

Dihua Marsh

Mist Flower Use

  • Frostshield Potion
    • Crystal Core (1x), Mist Flower Corolla (1x)
    • Increases Cryo RES by 25% (300 seconds)
      • All party members.
  • Frosting Essential Oil
    • Lizard Tail (1x), Mist Flower Corolla (1x)
    • Increases Cryo DMG by 25% (300 seconds)
      • All party members.

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