Valheim: How To Catch and Tame Boars

Animal domestication is a possible activity in Valheim to ensure a consistent supply of meat and leather. However, it requires some hard work! Here’s how to tame boars and start your pig farm!

In Valheim, a runestone will show you how to train boars, but the procedure is slightly different. Various approaches are possible, and it’s reasonable to expect changes during early access.

Here are some tried-and-true methods that are currently working. It’s possible to use it early on in the game to help accelerate the beginning stages of your gameplay.

First Step: Lock them up!

You can either raise wild boars in their native environment, such as a meadow or a forest, or you can entice them to your base, depending on your preferences. It’s important to remember that the goal is to save time.

In any case, you’ll need a nearby workbench because you’ll be constructing a wooden enclosure. You can either build it while the wild boars are attacking, which is not practical.  You can be chased into a prefabricated enclosure with an entrance that will be closed afterward.

Second Step: Bring your berries!

Step two is to tame them, which can be done in a variety of ways.

  • The Passive Method
    • Once the animals have entered the enclosure, small yellow hearts will float above their heads.
    • This method has the advantage of being free, but it takes several days.
    • As the boar gets closer, a percentage will appear to show how far the taming has progressed.
  • The Quicker Method
    • A small green heart will hover above your head, signaling a significant increase in your taming rate.
    • A wild boar will eat almost anything if it is not afraid of fighting, and it must be starving!

  • Raspberries, mushrooms, blueberries, and carrots are among the staple foods of wild boars. Yellow mushrooms, honey, and meat are all foods that they dislike.
  • Since their number is taken into account in the progression, you can launch the food individually or in packs. This has the benefit of requiring less micromanagement and will drastically speed up the process.
  • A boar is considered tamed once its taming gauge reaches 100%. In your presence, they will no longer be fearful or hostile. If you wish, you may even pet it!

Pig Farm Tips

  • Make a large enclosure for the wild boars to live in. The simplest way to move a boar from one enclosure to another is to use your character to push it around like an object.
  • It’s possible to control the beast’s movement by not equipping any weapons and maintaining your guard up (right-click).
  • When a group of domesticated wild boars is kept together in an enclosure, they will begin to breed. The piglets will eventually become wild boars.

  • There are, however, some rules to follow:
    • You must feed your wild boars and occasionally throw food at them.
    • They will not reproduce if they are hungry.

Avoid Overcrowding!

  • It’s best not to overcrowd the enclosure with wild boars. We don’t know what formula the game employs to determine whether or not they are capable of reproducing.
  • Density, available space, and possibly the absolute number of wild boars in the area are all factors that can have an impact.
  • According to tests, it’s best to keep the number of wild boars in a large enclosure below five. That means you’ll have to make one or two sacrifices on a regular basis, which is the goal after all. You’ll get meat and leather as a result of this.

However, in aspects of time and feeding, it should be acknowledged that wild boar farming is currently not very efficient. It’s possible that you’d prefer to simply go out and hunt them.

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