Pokemon GO Corsola Complete Guide: How to Catch, Evolution, Best Moveset, Counters and Strategy

Corsola is a tiny, pink, circular Pokémon with coral-like branch growths on its rear. It has black, oblong eyes and a blunt horn on its forehead. Has a white bottom that speckles as it moves away from the center. It has four stout legs and two stubby arms.

How to get?

  • Can be seen more in warmer weather.
  • Region Exclusive – one of the rarest pokemons!
    • United States (Florida, South Texas)
    • Northern Australia
    • Caribbean Islands (Puerto Rico)

  • You have a very slim chance of getting a shiny Corsola.


Corsola has no evolutions

Best Moveset

When attacking Pokémon in Gyms, Corsola’s best moves are Bubble and Power Gem. This moveset has the highest total DPS and is also the most effective in PVP battles.

  • Bubble
    • DPS: 12
  • Power Gem
    • DPS: 33.1
  • Tackle
    • DPS: 10
  • Rock Blast
    • DPS: 28.6

Counters and Strategy

  • Type: Rock / Water-type Pokémon
  • Vulnerable to: Grass, Ground, Fighting and Electric-type moves
  • Strong against: Fire, Ice, Flying, Normal, Poison-type Pokemon
  • Resistant to: Fire, Flying, Ice-type moves
  • Top 5 Pokemon Counters:
    • Roserade
      • Razor Leaf / Solar Beam
    • Sceptile
      • Bullet Seed / Frenzy Plant
    • Breloom
      • Bullet Seed / Grass Knot
    • Venusaur
      • Vine Whip / Frenzy Plant
    • Tangrowth
      • Vine Whip / Power Whip

Pokemon Corsola Trivia

  • Abrupt shifts in ocean temperature swept out Galarian Corsola, converting them into Ghost-types. Its body is white, with partially open pink eyes and a permanent frown. Its limbs are semitransparent. The branches can be utilized to take root from within others and drain their spirit.

  • In A Corsola Caper!, Misty has a Corsola that she captured in the Whirl Islands. It met a handful of other Corsola that Andrea and her family were raising on Yellow Rock Isle. It caused them problems because it was very active and attacked all of the farmed Corsola, spooking them away. Misty fought and captured the Coral Pokémon in a Lure Ball, which put an end to the situation.

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