Genshin Impact – How to Increase and Raise Friendship Level Easy Guide

The backstory of the universe is a huge part of what makes Genshin Impact so intriguing. That tale, of course, comprises the backstories and narratives of all of the game’s characters. You’ll need to learn how to boost your friendship level if you wish to learn much about them.

Simply put, only the closest of mates share the most intimate details of their lives. Here’s how to get more Companionship Exp and learn more about your party members!

Increasing Your Friendship Level

Taking part in daily commissions, activities, quests, and dungeons can help you gain more friends. Companionship Exp is given to all characters in your active party as a result of these tasks!

  • You can’t merely go out and start making new friends right away. Only after achieving Adventure Rank 12 is it possible to become best friends with the characters. Other members of the party will not connect to you before that.
  • The sky is the limit once you achieve Adventure Rank 12. Every moment you finish a dungeon, run daily tasks, or engage in numerous scheduled events, all members of your group will receive Companionship Exp.

Benefits of Increasing Your Friendship Level

  • As the level of companionship rises, the character’s backstory is gradually revealed. While its independent parts of lore have little impact on the game, it does serve as a means of completing Teyvat’s dynasty.
  • When you achieve specific levels of friendship with various characters, you’ll receive different incentives!
  • You can uncover new voiceovers for your character by raising your friendship levels! They’ll be available in the character’s profile sections.

How do I check my Friendship Levels?

  • You’ll be able to see a character’s existing friendship level on their corresponding character profile displays.
  • The friendship bar, also known as the gauge, is located in the lower right corner of the display.
  • The gauge tells you how close you are to each individual character.

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