Pokemon GO Tropius Complete Guide: How To Catch, Evolution, Best Moveset, Stats, Counters and Strategy

Tropius is a massive, sauropod-like Pokémon with a beige body and green leaves wrapping around its head and chest.  On its back, it has large, broad green leaves that it uses for flying and photosynthetic activity to produce sugar.

It is interestingly nimble in the air, despite its large size. It has a long neck that is encircled by a narrow black line.

How to catch?

  • Use your Poke Fairy Scanner!
  • Regional Exclusive
    • South Africa (Cape Town)
  • Farmland
  • Hiking Trails
  • Garden
  • Woodland
  • Grassy Areas
  • You have a very slim chance of getting a shiny Tropius.


  • Tropius has no evolutions.

Best Moveset

When attacking Pokémon in Gyms, Tropius’s best moves are Razor Leaf and Leaf Blade. This moveset has the highest total DPS and is also the most effective in PVP battles.

  • Razor Leaf
    • DPS: 15.6
  • Leaf Blade
    • DPS: 35
  • Air Slash
    • DPS: 14
  • Aerial Ace
    • DPS: 27.5
  • Stomp
    • DPS: 32.4

Counters and Strategy

  • Type: Grass / Flying-type Pokémon
  • Vulnerable to: Ice, Fire, Flying, Poison, Rock-type moves
  • Strong against: Water, Rock, Ground-type Pokemon
  • Resistant to: Fighting, Grass, Ground, Water-type moves
  • Top 5 Pokemon Counters:
    • Darmanitan (Galarian Zen)
      • Ice Fang / Avalanche
    • Darmanitan (Standard)
      • Ice Fang / Avalanche
    • Mamoswine
      • Powder Snow / Avalanche
    • Weavile
      • Ice Shard / Avalanche
    • Glaceon
      • Frost Breath / Avalanche

Pokemon Tropius Trivia

  • Under Dominick’s possession, Tropius made its major storyline premiere in From Brags to Riches. In his fight against Ash’s Corphish and Torkoal, he utilized the Fruit Pokémon and a Swalot. When Tropius and Torkoal’s Solar Beam and Overheat collided and exploded, they knocked each other out.

  • Tropius and Venusaur, another Grass-type Pokémon, are precisely identical in size Both are 6’7″ (2.0 m) tall with a combined weight of 220.5 lbs (100.0 kg).
  • Tropius belongs to the same evolutionary family as the Bounsweets. Fruit Pokémon is the name given to all of them.
  • Tropius looks like a combination of a standard sauropod, a lengthy herbivorous dinosaur, and a banana crop.

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