It Takes Two Review

Our Rating: 9/10

The director of It Takes Two takes a further step toward his goal of creating the “greatest partnership experience.” It Takes Two is an amazing journey that you can indulge both in multiplayer and online – with the option of using a Friend Pass to play with people who haven’t yet purchased the game.

Story Overview

It Takes Two is about a widely known family drama: divorce. Rose is a young girl who is witnessing the environment in her household deteriorate due to her mom and dad’ relentless conflicts, Cody and May, who are in the procedure of divorcing

To cope, the child created a set of dolls that she used in her games to portray her parents. She also prepares for a self-help book, hoping that the writer’s writings will help her mom and dad appreciate each other.

When magic happens..

The magic takes place when Rose sheds tears over the dolls she made for her parents. The dolls’ wooden, clay, and wool bodies are used to transport the adults’ consciousness. So, with the support (and hindrance) of the mystical self-help book, Cody and May will have to embark on self-discovery to return to normal. Who knows, maybe even fix their marriage.

The game’s plot isn’t notably intriguing but it gets points for handling a sensitive subject (divorce) with tact and wisdom. engages with the topic with an almost childish softness. Dr. Hakim will consistently “troll” the characters. The couple’s marriage evolves throughout the campaign.


It Takes Two, like A Way Out, is a game that requires two gamers to play. You can play with your mates in local co-op mode, but you can also play online. 

One of the gamers is in charge of Cody, while the other is in charge of May. Most of the time, the display is split so that both gamers can see the display as well as the other player.

When it came to set up, the Hazelight team was extremely inventive. Not just for the brain teasers, but also for the overall game design. Assisting one another is not a choice, but a requirement. New aspects are added to each level, as the game progresses. This introduces new ingredients to this cooperative dish.

The Good, the Bad, and Overall Experience

The game does not duplicate itself. Each episode of the adventure has its principles, with layout and quests tailored to the particular equipment mixture. After you’ve completed that chapter, the characters will drop their “tools,” and the mechanic will be gone from the game.

This entails some ridiculous creation and design work, but it adds to the experience’s richness, variety, and enjoyment. Not every part is fantastic – there’s a chapter inside a kaleidoscope that’s notably irritating – but in the vast majority of circumstances, It Takes Two succeeds admirably in its mission.

The joy of cooperation

Many gamers will surely prefer to play with an online buddy. Big thanks to the Friend Pass!

Simple accomplishments in video games that are enjoyable when completed solo, but even more so when shared. Josef Fares recognizes that games don’t have to be about slaughtering enemies and rivalry.

Even when “violence” is at hand, the game does so in a unique manner, requiring players to think and collaborate. It Takes Two features some of the most exciting boss fights in recent memory, and the way they warrant cooperation and coordination to win is wonderful.


It Takes Two has a very attractive cartoony appearance and a lot of personalities. The Playstation 5 edition, which runs incredibly well, has amazingly quick load times, and a wealth of features that fill your eyes. Textures of various components, particles, and even the wool are incredibly intricate.

The game also gets it right in the sound department. The voice actors are fantastic and give every one of the characters a lot of charisma. The quirky Dr. Hakim, with an Arabic-like accent, steals the spotlight whenever he appears. 

The DualSense functionality isn’t significant when playing on the PS5. The optimized triggers and haptic feedback of the console are essentially unusable in this game. These are platform-specific aspects, but they’d arguably improve the overall experience.

Final Thoughts

It Takes Two is a truly one-of-a-kind gameplay experience. The lighthearted approach to a serious subject works wonders. The game excels at delivering a delectable shared journey that is specifically designed for two players to enjoy.

You can play with whoever is present, whether it’s a friend, a cousin, a brother or sister. It makes no difference who your second player is. The game is one of the year’s most pleasant treats. An unforgettable co-op experience that will undoubtedly provide hours of enjoyment and teamwork.

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