Pokemon Go: A Ripple in Time Quest Easy Guide – All Steps to Finish and Rewards

Obtaining the legendary Pokemon Celebi involves the completion of numerous assignments.  On the Special Research Tasks tab, you’ll find a long series of missions called “A Ripple in Time.”

Mission Mechanics

  • 8 Stages
  • Each stage has 3 total tasks (24 tasks total)

A Ripple In Time Quest Dialogue

“Trainer, you’ve been such a help in conducting Field Research and Special Research! I have a feeling that there’s so much more about this world that we’ve yet to discover, and I’m glad I can count on you to see it through,

I’ve been doing some experiments of my own, and I suspect that I’m onto a further exciting discovery about another Mythical Pokémon that’s rarely seen. Would you mind completing these tasks while I conclude my studies.”

1st Stage

  • Tasks
    • Power up Pokemon 5x (1,000XP)
    • Battle in a Gym 2x (1,000XP)
    • Battle in a Raid (1,000XP)
  • Rewards
    • 10x Poke Balls
    • 1x Fast TM
    • 1x Super Incubator

2nd Stage

  • Tasks
    • Make 3 new buddies (1,500XP)
    • Evolve an evolved Grass-type Pokemon (1,500XP)
    • Catch a Pokemon 3 days in a row (1,500XP)
  • Rewards
    • 1x Sun Stone
    • 1,500x Stardust
    • 1x Premium Raid Pass

3rd Stage

  • Tasks
    • Use a Sun Stone to evolve Gloom / Sunkern (2,000XP)
    • Reach Level 25 (2,000XP)
    • Hatch 9 eggs (2,000XP)
  • Rewards
    • 1x King’s Rock
    • Eevee Encounter
    • 1x Premium Raid Pass

4th Stage

  • Tasks
    • Evolve Eevee into Espeon during the day (2,500XP)
    • Walk 10km with Eevee as your buddy to earn candy (2,500XP)
    • Send 20x gifts to friends (2,500XP)
  • Rewards
    • 1x Metal Coat
    • Eevee Encounter
    • 2,500x Stardust

5th Stage

  • Tasks
    • Walk 10km with your Eevee as your buddy to earn candy (3,000XP)
    • Evolve Eevee into Umbreon at night (3,000XP)
    • Trade a Pokemon (3,000XP)
  • Rewards
    • 1x Star Piece
    • 15x Pinap Berries
    • 1x Upgrade

6th Stage

  • Tasks
    • Visit PokeStops 7 days in a row (3,500XP)
    • Use 25 Pinap Berries while catching Pokemon (3,500XP)
    • Use items to evolve Pokemon 2x (3,500XP)
  • Rewards
    • 5x Silver Pinap Berries
    • 1x Dragon Scale
    • 3,500 Stardust

7th Stage

  • Tasks
    • Catch 40x Grass / Psychic Type Pokemon (4,000XP)
    • Make an Excellent Curve Throw (4,000XP)
    • Earn a Gold Johto medal (4,000XP)
  • Rewards
    • 10x Silver Pinap Berries
    • 1x Charge TM
    • Celebi Encounter

Final Stage

  • Task
    • Catch Celebi!
  • Rewards
    • 5,500x Stardust
    • 1x Super Incubator
    • 20x Celebi Candy


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