Valheim – Where and How To Get Flint – All Locations

Valheim Flint is among the most beneficial items in the game, especially in the beginning. Since there is no description, having a clue how to get flint in Valheim will be useful if you’re just getting warmed up and rushing for the first boss.

Valheim Flint can be acquired in certain ways:

  • Enemies
  • Chests
  • Near the water

Best Method

The simplest way to collect flint in Valheim is to visit the map’s lakes and water regions. If you haven’t already done so, go there or try to look for one of these locations.

  • Once you’ve found the water, your focus should be on the banks, as this is where Valheim’s flint can be found in abundance.
  • Its silvery color will easily identify it, and if you discover the right location, you can get a decent amount
  • Once you’ve cited one, press E to collect it. Everything you gather will be placed in your inventory and later used in crafting.

Use of Flint

The most effective weapons in Valheim are made from flint. To make the Flint Ax, which is more sturdy and effective than the Basic Ax, you’ll need six pieces of Flint, for example. You can also make the following tools out of flint:

  • Axe (Flint)
  • KnifeĀ (Flint)
  • Spear (Flint)
  • Arrow (Flint)
  • Firehead Arrow
  • Chopping Block
  • Tanning Rack


  • Make a flint ax right off the bat, as it can be utilized for both cutting trees and as a weapon.
  • A basic flint ax, on the other hand, will not be as efficient as a level three wooden ax.
  • The flint spear is a decent close combat weapon for keeping your foes at bay and it can also be thrown, making it an excellent hunter’s support weapon.
  • The flint knife is quick, but it’s also quite ineffective.
    It’s also useless toward skeletons, so stick to a club as your main close combat weapon.

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