41 Hours: Prologue Review

Our Rating: 4.5/10

For the first two chapters, the lead characters are Ethan, a gunslinger scientist, and his Cyborg buddy. 41 Hours is an intense first-person action-adventure game about Ethan, a hard-working scientist on the lookout for his wife.


Your primary objective is to gather items at particular locations that appear to be swarming with baddies at all times.

Ethan has a variety of peculiar abilities that he can use whenever he has the energy to do so. A time dilation gazebo, provided by his bionic friend, will help Ethan to mask himself, enabling him to avoid most onrushing damage.

His telekinesis primarily employs outside of battle when stacking items. His cyborg companion can also be used as a powerful EMP weapon with a longer distance.

The Good, the Bad, and Overall Experience

Entering the game, you’ll see a good quality, pleasant menu screen that’s user friendly and, despite its simplicity, is very appealing to stare at. The storyline is explained in a comic style. Providing gamers with a rush of adrenaline.

The developer’s mother tongue is indeed not English, so minor grammar mistakes in the comic strips are to be understandable.

The excitement soon dissipates once the tutorial begins. The visuals aren’t gaining any accolades, and the moves are not smooth.

Mission and Progress

You are acting in an unorthodox way. You get a massive outdoor map to explore where wavelengths of foes can unleash. There are few structures in these zones, and the ones that do exist are difficult to navigate.

Every objective consisted of sprinting from one location to another, collecting keys along the way. Heading over the hills and directly to the objects, you can simply avoid nearly all fighting.

Ear Deafening Sound Effects

You’re continuously barraged with not just the live bullets, as well as the noise about anything. The animals all make create sounds like you’re right beside each other. When you combine that with ear-splitting background music, your ears will be assaulted.


The weapons were enjoyable to use, and even though the attackers would seem never-ending, it was enjoyable to engage in a full-fledged scuffle. Avoiding the main trail, you’ll come across actual threats which can be a lot of fun with skills like time travel and invisibility.

A Handful of Bugs

Glitches are a major source of frustration for most developments after they are released, but there is no justification for the state in which 41 Hours has been left.

Blue Areas are reachable and red if it’s not. But even if You prompt Lea to go to a particular location in blue, she frequently informs you that she is unable to go there or simply glitches.

Ethan’s telekinesis power is extremely important, as it appears that gravity does not exist in the 41 Hours universe. Things have a routine of flying all over, making it notably problematic to pick up.

Final Thoughts

When the movement performs well, it’s a great experience, and once you unlock the period dilation feature, it’s even more so. Unfortunately, the excessive loudness and generally sub-surface gameplay and universe make the game almost unbearable.

It’s still the Prologue, which is fortunate for the Texelworks devs. Fingers crossed, they are collecting constructive criticism and making adjustments in terms of preparation to release by late April. Surely, the investors would hope for some solutions before launch or even expect the release to be delayed until all problems are resolved.

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