Genshin Impact – Where To Find and Farm Starconch – All Locations

While heading to Teyvat, you can obtain the Starconch, which is an upgrade resource. Because it’s a shell-shaped object, you’ll have a better chance of finding it on the shorelines of Genshin Impact!


Childe needs Starconch for his ascension. There’s no purpose in cultivating them unless you already have it because he’s the only persona who uses it for Ascension right now!

You can rank up to 90 once you’ve reached the maximum level. You’ll also need the Starconches to ride, in addition to the drops from the Oceanid boss battle.

  • Select Childe
  • Click Promote (lower right corner)

Locations + Farm Route

If you’re looking for Starconch, you’ll have to travel to Liyue. It can only be found along the shores. Keep in mind that if you have QiQi in your lineup because her passive skill to locate Liyue assets will help you locate Starconch! Big thanks to reddit user Kelsaris for this farm route!

  • Starconch’s can be found in a variety of locations, many of which you’ve probably visited while working on daily commissions. The shores underneath Starglow Cavern in Dragonspine are the most northerly site. A few shells have been scattered along the beach.
  • The area of Starconch is depicted on the maps above. Odd ones will most likely be found beyond those areas, but this highlights the main nodes.
  • Bolai in Liyue Harbor can sell you a fair number of Starconch if you want them instantly!
    • 5 Starconch / week for 1,000 Mora each.
  • Where to find Bolai?
    • The Wanyou Boutique’s boss is Bolai. If you’ve completed Ganyu’s story mission, you’ll recognize him. His shop is on the harbor, or rather below the docks, in Liyue Harbor.
    • Those who’ve never been to Bolai may pick themselves hanging next to Ivanovich the Traveling Merchant and his nearly empty shop, unsure where they went wrong. Don’t be concerned. This is the correct location; Wanyou Boutique is located beneath you!

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