Genshin Impact – Where To Find Carrots – All Locations

Carrots are an important part of the Genshin Impact pantry. If you want to stir up your celebration with some delicious meals, you’ll probably need a lot of them! Although plenty of them appear at various spots while heading through Teyvat, there are a few locations where you can obtain a large number of them!

Best Places to Find Carrots

Brightcrown Canyon, Dawn Winery, and Springvale are excellent spots to obtain carrots.  They can also be found at random while traveling by looking through barrels and other containers. Here’s an overview of each place or area so you can figure out where to get some carrots!

  • Brightcrown Canyon

Brightcrown Canyon, located north of Mondstadt, has a more readily available carrot yard. Keep heading south from the waypoint close to the top. You will see an area of carrot gardens underneath you if you slide down the hillside to the east.


  • Dawn Winery

Carrot farms can be found in the Dawn Winery.  You can search the barrels and other bins for additional vegetables. There are 2 carrot gardens in this area, as shown on the map below.


  • Springvale

Springvale has 5 residences. Every house normally has several barrels and carts that you can engage with to get some vegetables. 3/5  houses also have lawns, so be sure to look around the back of each one!

These aren’t the only locations you can obtain carrots; there are plenty more!  You’ll never go hungry again now that you remember where to search for carrots in Genshin Impact!


Where to use carrots?

  • Carrots are used in a variety of recipes:
    • Sticky Honey Roast (Adventurer Dish Recipe)
    • Barbatos Ratatouille (Adventurer Dish Recipe)
    • Goulash (Adventurer Dish Recipe)
    • Crystal Shrimp (HP Recovery)
    • Universal Peace (HP Recovery)
  • Apart from that, they may be required for numerous missions and activities, such as the Marvelous Merchandise with Liben event.

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