Genshin Impact – Where To Find Pinecone – All Locations

In Genshin Impact, you can gather a variety of raw materials some of which are more valuable than others. Pinecones weren’t that relevant before the Marvelous Merchandise event. You will, even so, require 10 of them to return your Box o’Marvels on the second day of the episode. You probably want to know where to look for pine cones if you haven’t done so already. So here’s where to look for pinecones!

Qingce Village

  • Travel quickly to the Qingce Village waypoint and then head north. Collect pinecones as you pass the bridge.

East of Mondstadt

  • Head northeast after teleporting to Cape Oath. A clump of trees with pinecones can be found southwest of the Spiral Abyss portal.
  • Then teleport to the waypoint for Eagle’s Glen Estate. A number of trees can be found in the area if you head south. Pinecones are typically found beneath the trees.
  • Continue west until you reach the gorge’s end. More trees and pinecones should be visible in the area. The three areas east of Mondstadt are depicted on the map below.

Map Overview

  • Pink Dot = 1 Pinecone
  • Purple Dot = Sunsettia Fruit Trees
  • Shoutout to reddit user MumeiK for this map!

Pinecone Use

For the Wonderful Goods time-limited event, you only need 10 pinecones, but don’t be shy about collecting more. Pinecones could be used to create Mondstadoise potato pancakes, which are cheap to produce, simple to cook, but good for healing!

  • Mondstadt Hash Brown
    • Obtainable after achieving Adventure Level 15
    • Restores 32% Max HP
    • Additional 1,250 HP (selected character)
    • 2x Pinecone
    • 1x Potato
    • 1x Jam
  • Puppy Paw Hash Brown
    • Obtainable after achieving Adventure Level 15
    • Restores 40% Max HP
    • Additional 2,350 HP (selected character)
    • 2x Pinecone
    • 1x Potato
    • 1x Jam
  • Sauteed Matsutake
    • Obtainable after achieving Adventure Level 35
    • Increases party ATK (160/194/228) for five minutes
    • Doesn’t affect other players in Co-op Mode
    • 3x Matsutake
    • 3x Flour
    • 2x Pinecone
    • 2x Butter

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