Checking For Updates, You Do Not Have Permission To Play Fortnite – Nintendo Switch

Fortnite v16.30 has been launched by Epic Games. As we’ve learned to know, the majority of the patch is much smaller in aspects of features than previous Fortnite releases. In Fortnite Creative, we generally only see a weapon or two added here and there. As well as some new features. Sadly, the patch has prompted some troubles for Nintendo Switch users, resulting in them being unable to access their profiles due to the continuous “Checking for updates”.

Checking For Updates

You’re not alone if you’re receiving these warning texts:

  • “You do not have permission to play Fortnite.”
  • “Checking for updates.”

After the maintenance, several gamers were unable to play because Fortnite is under “checking for updates”. As followers, gamers, and data miners have confirmed, the “checking for updates” text keeps coming up.

Many Nintendo Switch users are observing this bug. They also fear that they have been banned, but it is simply a login problem that has to be resolved. Epic Games is reportedly reviewing both concerns.

“We are investigating the login issues on Nintendo Switch, where players are stuck on ‘You do not have the permission to play Fortnite’ message. We will update you when the issue is resolved.”

Evidently, this is a major issue, especially since Neymar Jr, one of the world’s most popular football players, is now in the game. To obtain Neymar Jr’s attire and cosmetics, the gamers want to arrive early and finish the Neymar Jr. Challenge.

Is there a fix?

The latest missions and opportunities added to Fortnite Season 6 have piqued the interest of Nintendo Switch owners. Jonesy the First and Raz have a fresh batch of Spire Quests. Battle pass holders can get Neymar Jr’s attire by grinding the Neymar Jr. Challenges.

Nintendo Switch owners will be able to continue playing after the repair, according to a Twitter post from the publishers. Fingers crossed, the developers’ remedy will solve Fortnite’s “checking for updates” problem!

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