NieR Replicant Ver. 1.22474487139… – Review

Our Rating: 9.5/10

NieR Replicant Ver. 1.22474487139… is one of the year’s most eagerly anticipated releases. It is the enhanced version (not a remake or remaster) of the 2010 cult classic NieR.

Initially, the game was for PS3 and Xbox in two variants for the west and east, with minor differences regarding the protagonist and his relationship with Yonah. While both versions were available in Japan, the Western release was only limited to “papa” Nier. Thanks to the new release, players can now play the Japanese version’s protagonist.

Story Overview

Our journey starts with the naming of our hero, whom we will refer to as Nier to keep things simple. We’ll first meet him and his sister when they’re young, running away from the Shades that follow them. To protect his frail sister (Yonah), Nier will fight with all his might. All of this will be a tutorial, and once completed, we will move forward in time.

The plot remains the same. You fight to protect your sister while also trying to find a cure for the rare disease that afflicts her, known as the Black Scrawl. They live happily in a small village, surrounded by the love and protection of the villagers. Nier earns a living by assisting locals and her librarian friend Popola with household chores.

Yonah vanishes one day, ostensibly to help her brother in his never-ending quest for a cure. Nier will not hesitate to go looking for her, which leads him to meet Grimoire Weiss, a strange book that can speak and use magic. This charismatic character will join us on our quest and will be the key to unlocking the mystery, or so an old song claims.

There were two books in the past, one black and one white, according to legend. One is doomed to chaos, while the other is destined to save the planet. Nier and Grimoire Weiss will decide to travel the world in search of the sealed verses. They will also try to reclaim all of Grimoire Weiss’ power once they learn of the legend. As we progress, we will meet more characters who will join us in our quest to uncover all of the hidden secrets, save our sister, and save the world!

On our journey, we are also joined by a couple more characters – Kaine, who never shies away from a fight and dresses quite. . . .outrageously, and Emil, a kind and gentle soul. You don’t need any introductions if you’ve already played the original title, but new players will love to discover them, thanks to Yoko Taro’s ability to write absurd yet powerful and emphatic characters. From the masked folk of the desert who abide by a million rules, to the forest where everything is a dream, each location, each character is filled with life and intrigue. I want to talk a lot more about them individually, but for the sake of spoilers, I won’t go into more details. But if you’re a fan of story-driven games, you definitely need to give Nier Replicant a shot.


Weiss, our friend, will be more than just a companion. He will be responsible for using magic, while we will be in charge of swinging the sword. We can approach it differently while still utilizing the protagonist.

You have two options. You can aim at the aggressors and shoot them or we can use a more compact attack. Weiss’ abilities will be unlocked as we uncover sealed verses, but we will always have two equipped.

We can also collect words, which will be equipped with weapons, magic, and skills as we fight enemies. This allows us to improve them and, for example, gain a +5 physical attack.

Secondary Missions

There will be times of peace where we can plant and cultivate our garden, or go fishing if we prefer. As previously stated, our protagonist earns a living by assisting others. They will surely not hesitate to ask for our assistance!

NieR Replicant side missions are more like messengers or hunters of some beast. Of course, be aware of some of them. They have a time limit and if you don’t finish on time, you won’t be able to finish them!

The Good, the Bad, and Overall Experience

We can all agree that the first version’s combat system was rough and heavy and that this was one of its major flaws. Now we have the best of his modifications, which is a joy in comparison to what we had previously. Everything is much more dynamic and has better animations! You can now throw those annoying Shades into the air and start frantically throwing blows. We’ll also have a show of particles and lights that will take over your entire screen, as is customary.

The game’s puzzles are also an important component. True, they are simple. But in some of them, the game’s perspective will shift. This minor detail has piqued my interest because, in certain scenes, it manipulates the camera to transform the game into something more unique and intimate.

Game Endings

You’ll want to replay the second half of the game over and over. Allowing us to take advantage of everything the game has to offer. A mechanic who fared slightly better in Nier. Each lap you will take will offer something different, and many things will change from one to the next.

Yes, there are no changes to the endings. However, cheeky as he is, the enigmatic Yoko Taro has designed a little surprise for us that will leave you speechless. To be able to carry out this secret, you will almost certainly need some assistance. It is difficult to guess how to do it without it!

Game Improvements

Let’s talk about the improvements that this enhanced version introduces. The protagonist, which was exclusive to the Japanese game, is the most obvious at first glance. Another notable change is the game’s graphics. It received a beautiful makeover that feels fantastic: in the previous version, the game ran at 720p with 30 FPS; now, it runs at 4k with 60 FPS. The combat in the original game was kinda clunky, but has been improved phenomenally and feels much closer to Automata, with slick and smooth animations that make it a joy to hack and slash your way through hordes of enemies.

The English translation and voices (it is highly recommended that you play it in this language) have also been redone from scratch. The re-recorded and expanded soundtrack is my favorite change. Simply put, the music in this game is almost as if you’re listening to something divine, wonderful, and valuable.

Do yourself a favour and give it a listen if you haven’t yet! After the game is finished, we can choose whether or not we want to play again with the Automata soundtrack, which is also excellent. Finally, there’s a new side mission that will give us a few more hours of gameplay!

Final Thoughts

In short, NieR Replicant 1.22474487139 is the much-needed facelift for this game. They improved what needed to be improved and maintaining everything that was already excellent in its predecessor. Excellent story, excellent soundtrack, and endearing characters. This is the definitive version of a game that’s finally getting the attention it rightfully deserves.

Depending on how far you want to squeeze the game, NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 will last between 20 and 35 hours.

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