Get Diona For Free! Energy Amplifier Initiation – Complete Guide

A Genshin Impact 1.5 patch activity has arrived! Along with the latest character banners comes yet another chance to expand your party. Finishing the Energy Amplifier event gives you the Fractured Fruit Data, which you can trade for materials!

Energy Amplifier Initiation

Requirement: Adventure Lvl. 20 or higher
Event Start: 30th of April 10:00AM (server time)
Event End: 17th of May 3:59AM (server time)

  • You must assist Sumerian researcher Hosseini in collecting Irminsul Fruit, which is a valuable research resource.
  • You’ll be able to access Domains and challenges, which you’ll have to accomplish in order to access Twisted Realm levels.
  • By taking on the Twisted Realm, you can earn Fractured Fruit Data!
    • Exchanged for a free Diona or other prizes at the event store.
  • Event Store will be open until 24th of May 3:59AM (server time)

Fruit Fragments

  • Prior to retrieving the Fruit Fragments, you must first investigate Places of Interest and defeat all baddies.
  • It’s worth mentioning that neighboring Mutation Stones substantially buff creatures! They must be eliminated before engaging in any battles in the area.
  • Investigate the Places of Interest to earn prizes such as Fractured Fruit Data and Fruit Fragments. Each POI also identifies the rewards that can be earned if you complete them successfully!

Energy Amplifier

  • When you have Fruit Fragments, you can use them to power up your group in Domains and the Twisted Realm by using the Energy Amplifier. You can finish each domain once.
  • Twisted Realms equivalent to each Domain can help you increase your bonuses. You can accomplish the Twisted Realm as many times as you want to receive more Fractured Fruit Data!
  • You can also alter the challenge standards and points you can earn by setting your own complexity levels.
  • Possibility to get the Celebration: Fruit of Wisdom card for your catalog!

How to get Diona?

To bring Diona to your group, you’ll need 1000 Fractured Fruit Data, so focus on saving up while the event is going on. Meanwhile, look for Diona at the Genshin Impact hangout events!

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