Genshin Impact Cryo Hypostasis Boss – How To Beat, Tips and Tricks

Cryo Hypostasis Daleth was unveiled in Patch 1.5 of Genshin Impact. Although this boss isn’t particularly difficult to fight, certain strikes should be avoided to guarantee a smooth ride.

Battle Preparations

You’ll need to prepare a little before battling the Cryo Hypostasis. There are a couple of extra measures to take other than simply increasing your ATK and DEF with dishes.

  • You should bring a few Goulash with you because it will help to reduce the speed at which your sheer cold gauge rises.
  • If you intend on farming this baddie, be sure to get Diona. With her Cryo-resistant barrier, you can beat this boss with little hard work!
  • After you’ve used your buffs, cautiously move around the arena’s perimeter. Before you begin attacking the boss, you’ll want to trigger 3 heat sources.

How To Defeat

  • The Cryo Hypostasis can only be weakened by exposing its core. Its homing attack or Icy Explosion will reveal the core.
  • A catalyst / bow user can make it easier to strike the core, but evading should always come first. For Icy Explosion, identical concept is applicable but the core will be on the pavement, making it much convenient to attack.

  • The optimal tactic is to sit tight until the core launches an offensive and is exposed. It’s very easy to rush in and land a few strong strikes during this time. Make sure you’re paying attention to your sheer cold meter as well.
  • It’s a good idea to have additional healing consumables on hand in case you get hurt. Using Barbara as your healer is problematic, as she may impose the wet status, causing you to become frozen!
  • When you activate its shield mode, the fight becomes the most difficult. When the Cryo Hypostasis’ HP runs low, it makes an attempt to heal itself. The boss will activate a cryo shield, which must be dismantled using the fruit it spits out while shielded.

Recommended Characters

  • Because they have longer range, Klee, Amber, and Yanfei are especially effective against the Cryo Hypostasis.
  • Amber, specifically, can be particularly useful when targeting the boss’s unprotected core.
  • When initiating swirl and superconduct, the Electro and Anemo protagonists are also efficient against this boss.

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