Almighty: Kill Your Gods – Review

Our Rating: 7/10

Almighty: Kill Your Gods is set in Anun’s realm. The clan Kun Anun is made up of people who were born from wolves and are now being hunted by powerful gods. They ultimately succeed in fighting back against these gods. As a result, all of the gods are destroyed by the Kun Anun. Over time, they evolved into more powerful beasts, ushering in the Apex Alpha epoch.

Tragically, because they believe they are the most powerful rulers, they become a little too confident and lose sight of the basic survival rules. With new threats on the horizon, they’ve decided to enlist the help of an alpha hunter. This is where you, the player, enter the picture.


You have the option to select between two different forms. The distinction between these forms is not immediately apparent. They appear to have distinct appearances, but the game doesn’t go into great detail about this.

You’ll learn how to sprint, double jump, and float for a short period. Following that, you have a basic attack and a sprinting strike to help you bash through pillars and opponents quickly. Later on, a spin and airborne attack are added to your arsenal.

You also have magic connected to the trigger keys. There are two types of attacks you can use. Your right hand can be a quick-fire spell, while your left hand can be defensive or a charge-up attack.

You also have a charge-up attack that lets you deal more close combat damage. That’s effective when fighting enemies within proximity.

Health and Stamina-Magic Bar

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see your health and stamina-magic bars. Unquestionably, if you are injured, your HP bar will suffer. On the other hand, you’ll have to wait for your magic to regenerate before you can use it again.

You’ll be tasked with killing a swarm of adversaries or saving individuals in many of the game’s early missions. However, the quests do subsequently open up.

The Hunt

This is where you and a friend can co-op. This isn’t a game where you turn off your brain. Some systems must be mastered. There’s a lot of upgrading to be done, and it’s more extensive than it appears.

The Prayer Wall

You’ll discover about the other missions available once you’ve found the prayer wall in this game, which is more or less the central hub of this island. It also displays your statistical data as well as your general game completion percentage.

You’ll also notice that you’ll be constructing an island. You’ll have to unlock multiple shops using the resources and experience you’ve accumulated along the way.

There is a massive tower in the center of the island. You’ll be able to add more floors to it as the game progresses, so there’s a construction aspect to it. You get stronger as you put up more floors.

The Good, the Bad, and Overall Experience

There was no native controller support in this Almighty: Kill Your Gods Early Access version. So you will get keyboard-like button alerts. It’s important to keep that in mind. The keyboard controls will be auto-mapped to the controller by the game. It doesn’t feel right, and playing that way is a little inconvenient.


Make sure you don’t exit the game by mistake. When you return, the tutorial will no longer be available. Luckily, there are menus later on that discuss all of the various controls. But it’s something to keep in mind.

Combat System

The combat wasn’t particularly exciting at first. But over time, it became more appealing once you are accustomed to hitting enemies from a greater distance. There’s a bit of strategic depth. And, while it may not always feel great due to the game’s current stuttering performance, you can have some thrill with this combat system in the end.

This is pretty much what you’ll be doing for the first hour or so – you’ll need to complete a few missions. You’ll fight enemies, gather various crafting materials, and then embark on your first hunt.


Game Performance

Sadly, this game’s performance is currently lacking. There were numerous frame rate drops. Even after trying a variety of resolutions and configurations, nothing worked which was a bummer.


In terms of the game’s visual style, it appears to be adequate. Some of the textures appear to be quite low-resolution. Fog has blanketed some of the open areas. Although the draw distance isn’t always ideal, the game’s overall art style is pleasing to the eyes. The main character, as well as some of the enemies, is pretty cool too! This game also does a superb way of highlighting some neat and gnarly cut scenes from now and then.

The sound design is one aspect of Almighty that we think is fantastic. The sound effects and the voice acting are both excellent. The musical selections are also pretty good. In the beginning, some rocking tracks were compelling.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s an early access game that’s currently experiencing some technical difficulties. However, Almighty: Kill Your Gods has a lot of promise. If you enjoy action role-playing games, this is one to keep a watch.

With up to four players, the hunts could be a real blast. Only if you want to support a game in early access, it’s tough to highly suggest jumping in just because of the technical problems.

Because it is so rough in places, it might be better to wait at least a few weeks or a month before diving in. Nevertheless, surely the Almighty: Kill Your Gods developers are working tirelessly to keep the game updated. We have high hopes for this one!

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